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Malta XI vs C&K Basildon Ladies FC

Malta XI vs C&K Basildon Ladies FC Malta Women's National Team played an experimental match against the British side, C&K Basildon Ladies FC. The game was played at the Centenary Stadium and ended with C&K Basildon Ladies earning a 5-1 win over Malta.

The desire, hunger and determination to play games and score goals is most certainly still there

September 22nd 2014, 07:38am, a baby girl was born into the world. That baby girl belongs to me, Helen Ward. She is now around 6 and a half months old and is ever changing.

Game-changer for women’s soccer?

Game-changer for women’s soccer? No-one could have missed the campaign from within the women’s game against FIFA, and their decision on staging the 2015 World Cup in Canada on artificial grass; rightfully stating that the governing body would never had tried, or even dared, to do the same thing with the men’s World Cup.

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yes elle est bien :))

By mayamans at 9:21 pm, 5 May 2015

Full-time: Australia U-20 7-0 Indonesia (Baker 10, 29′, Ibini-Isei 26′, Condon 32′, 60′, Chidiac 42′, Price 56′)

By WSU at 1:26 pm, 5 May 2015

Thank you very much, added above :)

By WSU at 1:25 pm, 5 May 2015

60′ GOAL! Australia U-20 7-0 Indonesia (Condon scores!)

By WSU at 12:52 pm, 5 May 2015

56′ GOAL! Australia U-20 6-0 Indonesia (Price scores!)

By WSU at 12:51 pm, 5 May 2015

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Very disappointed in Thailand. Too many missed opportunities in the first half and a strong offense by the Matildas. Good experience for Thailand if they learn from it. Boonsing, the Thai GK looked tired...
By Gina 3 days, 17 hours ago
More information will be added as they are publicized. It is reported the Nadeshiko League 2015 season will have 23 weeks, down from the 28 in 2014 because of Women’s World Cup in June, EAFF Cup in August,...
By Gina 1 week ago
Who will be watching Malta's matches? :)
By WSU 1 week ago