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Is gender inequality holding back Brazil WNT’s progress?

Photo: Brazilian coaching staff and Brazilian head of co-ordination for women’s football via Twitter / @CBF_Futebol Is gender inequality holding back Brazil WNT's progress? Recently, Spanish players have called for changes in their national team.

High drama and unbelievable passion on show from the stars of 2015

High drama and unbelievable passion on show from the stars of 2015 What a rollercoaster! The World Cup in Canada was just brilliant. From start to finish there was quality football, high drama and unbelievable passion on show from the stars of 2015.

Bad officiating takes shine off FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015

Bad officiating takes shine off FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 The "outstanding performance" of the referees started early in this World Cup, already in the opening game.

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I understand ad agree with your first response Izzy . I can tell you that my assistant coach who will eventually take over from me is female our u19 u17 and u15 teams all have a female head coach and a female assistant coach. All of our physiotherapists except the head of that department are female . Our 2 current NT goalkeepers act as assistants to the GK coach with our youth teams . And through coach education we have qualified in the last two years over 50 female coaches at C licence , 6 have gone on to pass their B licence 2 their A and one has the UEFA pro licence , We have another 14 going through their B right now. This is the way forward and Estonia only has 1.25 million people and only 1000 registered female players . So Brazil should be an open book for progression . Anything i can do to help just let me know.
I wish you the best of luck in a country where Football should and must conquer all equality issues.

By keithboanas at 6:01 am, 27 July 2015

It would be wonderful if Brazil could have the support of people like you @keithboanas, involved in women’s football for so many years! :)

By Izzy at 11:44 pm, 26 July 2015

Hi @keithboanas , Thanks for your comment! I am not against a men as a coach, we have examples of successful of both men and women coaches in women’s football. Norio Sasaki and Mark Sampson are arguably good coaches and were well successful with their respective WNT. My criticism is in the fact of not choose anyone connected to the women’s football and in not giving a opportunities for women in the women’s team. As you can see, that picture above illustrates it very well. Not a single woman is currently working in the brazilian coaching staff…. I believe a coach (male / female), from a country with tradition in women’s football, without prejudice and without loading the cultural and sexist aspects of a country, would be a better option because this coach would be an outsider with a different perspective and other ideas. Imagine countries like Nigeria, Spain, Brazil with a staff coaching counting with Silvia Neid, for example. Even the US has hired coaches and coach assistants abroad, for example, Pia Sundhage and Tony Gustavsson.

By Izzy at 11:38 pm, 26 July 2015

I am a man , but have been involved with womens football for 20 years and i coach coaches , Would love to coach a team of this ability and help develop the female coaches. I am certain could take the game to the next level . But seems unlikely it can happen .

By keithboanas at 6:45 pm, 26 July 2015

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