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A bit of Clarity

Hello again! Can you believe it, two blogs in under one week’s time?! Yes, miracles do happen, people. I must admit, I am still recovering from the incredible response to the last entry I posted.

Reflections on #OLAlbi

Reflections on #OLAlbi 14-0. Fourteen to nothing. Quatorze à zéro. In whatever language you spell it out, it looks weird. Wrong. Unbelievable, in fact.

What happened in Brazilian women’s soccer in 2014 and what to look forward to in 2015

What happened in Brazilian women's soccer in 2014 and what to look forward to in 2015. I still remember when I and a few other women's soccer fans received a tweet from the official account of the Brazilian Sports Minister asking what we were working on for women's soccer.

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Cat, Thanks for the follow up post. I was discussing the lopsided nature of D1 with someone on twitter who suggested that unlike the US, France and the EU have laws that don’t allow allocation of players because it essentially tells the players where they have to play. I’m not sure that’s entirely true since allocation in the US does take into account the players wishes as much as possible, but I wonder if you have any insight on that? I’m also encouraged to see that only 2 teams will be up for relegation each season.

I fully understand your point that it’s possible not to play down to an opponent and at the same time not rub their face in it either.

I’ve enjoyed the candid look from your perspective and hope to see more intelligent, informative posts in the future.

By Diane at 6:12 pm, 30 January 2015

Thank you Catherine, hopefully there will be less misunderstandings following this!

By Gina at 4:28 pm, 30 January 2015

Thanx! i’m glad i asked you to clarify some of your thoughts (you certainly overacheive that task haha ;) )

By sophie durieux at 4:11 pm, 30 January 2015

Very good world XI and could only be co-managed by Laura Harvey and Vlatko Andonovski of NWSL!

By Diane at 4:43 pm, 25 January 2015

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According to official news, in the second phase of the tournament any team may play against any other team, regardless of the former group from which they belonged. I'm not sure how it will be sorted,...
By Izzy 2 weeks ago
According to official news from Portual's Football Federation, Algarve Cup 2015's games will occur between the 4th and 11th of March 2015.
By WSU 2 weeks, 1 day ago
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By WSU 2 weeks, 1 day ago