2015 Algarve Cup Group standings

The Algarve Cup 2015 runs from 4th to 11th March. Follow all the latest updates from the tournament by joining the 2015 Algarve Cup group on WSU. The Algarve Cup 2015 Group standings (below) will be updated after the tournament kicks off in March.

Group A Pld Pts Group B Pld Pts
Sweden flag Sweden 3 6 USA flag USA 3 7
Germany flag Germany 3 6 Norway flag Norway 3 4
Brazil flag Brazil 3 4 Switzerland flag Switzerland 3 4
China PR flag China PR 3 1 Iceland flag Iceland 3 1


Group C Pld Pts
France flag France 3 9
Denmark flag Denmark 3 4
Japan flag Japan 3 3
Portugal flag Portugal 3 1

  1. Tamara 7 years ago

    The new format has been published on Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Algarve_Cup

  2. Denis K. 7 years ago

    Usually at the Algarve Cup only,teams in groups A and B are eligible to be in the final.So I wonder why they put Iceland and the Swiss into Group B,while, putting Japan and France into Group C.Did the rules change this year, does anybody know?

    • Author
      WSU 7 years ago

      We believe that the placement matches will be different this year because of the reasons you have stated.

      I wonder how they will work it out though, we are waiting for confirmation on that one. Maybe the top two from each group will play each other somehow… But still not sure how/what will determine who will play for what placement match!

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