Save the English Women’s Premier League

January 4, 2014 in by

The English FA are taking away the Premier League and the women’s football pyramid that supports it! Please share information and support the players and clubs as they fight to stop this decision!

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  1. well, for me Marta is the best female player in the world, and will be difficult born  some girl that could be better than her…..her only problem that she borned in a country where women’s soccer and nothing are the same thing…. despite we have good players… but I know that is boring Marta always win…like will be boring Messi win this year again… for me Wambach is the best player in USA, but I dont think she is better than Sinclair or Schelin or Popps or Grings… so I hope this year Sawa win… despite she is not the best player, she was a warrior and the most effective player in WWC.

    so… this year:

    1 Sawa

    2 Marta

    3 Wambach