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Diana Redman “Being a mom and a professional player isn’t always easy, actually it’s mostly not easy”

June 11, 2018 in Blogs, News

Diana Redman

It’s the early evening and I’m cramped inside an airplane bathroom trying to pump breast milk into a bottle with one hand while the other attempts to hold my 10 month old daughter standing on the changing table.

She keeps tossing pieces of tissue paper, laughing into the small paper cups, and trying to kiss herself in the mirror. Passengers won’t stop knocking and I can only image the flight attendants reaction if they had to open the door to see me and my daughter in our own little circus. I check my watch and cringe…I’m only 7 hours into a 15 hour flight to Israel for a game against Serbia and I’m already exhausted. I keep reminding myself “I just have to get through this flight”. Read the rest of this entry →