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Fighting for Trinidad and Tobago WNT and giving everything I can to help them fulfil this dream

September 10, 2014 in Blogs

Trinidad & Tobago win Caribbean Cup 2014

As the clock wound down and the realization that we had just won the Caribbean Championship with a 1-0 scoreline vs. Jamaica, my mind quickly turned to the Concacaf qualifiers in October.

There was so much more work to be done, and I already started thinking about all the preparations we needed in order to take this next huge step, qualifying for a World Cup. I don’t think I really was able to enjoy the celebrations afterwards as my mind continued to look ahead.

I was so proud of the performance that our players put in throughout the CFU’s. We played some very attractive football, and at times looked like we had been together for months instead of two weeks. The effort and the willingness that the players showed in their attempts to play tactically how I wanted was very impressive. The attitude has been fantastic, and it was reflected in the way we played in front of our home fans. Read the rest of this entry →

In the face of many problems, Trinidad and Tobago have already achieved their first step, qualifying for CONCACAF

August 24, 2014 in Blogs, CFU, News

trinidad and tobago

My first experiences with Trinidad and their women’s football programs was back in 2008 when I was appointed the U-17 WNT coach.

I found then that I loved my time in Trinidad and Tobago, and was really hopeful that someday I could return to coach the team again. Fast forward to two months ago, and that dream became a reality. I am currently the Head Women’s Football Coach for the senior team of Trinidad and Tobago.

Many of the players that I had back in 2008 are now with the senior team, but there are many new faces as well. We convened in Houston about two weeks ago for a training camp in preparation for the Caribbean Football Union tournament. From this tournament the top four teams will advance to the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers in October. As of last nights 3-0 victory over Antiqua, we achieved that goal and have qualified. Now the task is to continue on in the tournament and try to win the CFU’s outright.

We face many of the same problems that I faced the first time in Trinidad and Tobago, in particular funding. There are not enough funds to prepare the team properly, as any coach will tell you that two weeks preparation for such an important qualifying event is simply not enough time. However, I am very grateful to the TTFA as they have never made such a commitment as this (2 weeks in Houston) to any of their women’s football teams. I truly believe the federation gets the importance of this cycle, and of our opportunity that lies before us to qualify for the World Cup in 2015. Read the rest of this entry →