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Cyprus Women’s Cup 2017 Match Fixtures and Teams

November 1, 2016 in Cyprus Cup, News

2017 Cyprus Women's Cup

Cyprus Women’s Cup 2017 Match Fixtures and Teams

Cyprus Women’s Cup 2017 Teams:

Group A: Belgium, Italy, Korea DPR, Switzerland

Group B: Austria, Korea Republic, New Zealand, Scotland

Group C: Czech Rep, Rep.of Ireland, Hungary, Wales

Cyprus Women’s Cup 2017 Fixtures

Cyprus Cup 2017 Match Fixtures: (Times are local)

Group/Date Time Match Venue TV
First round: Wednesday 1 March 2017
Group A 14:30 Korea DPR v Italy GSZ, Larnaca
Group B 14:30 New Zealand v Scotland A.Papadopoulos, Larnaca
Group C 14:30 Czech Republic V Republic of Ireland Tasos Marko, Paralimni
Group A 17:30 Belgium v Switzerland GSZ, Larnaca
Group B 17:30 Korea Republic v Austria A.Papadopoulos, Larnaca
Group C 17:30 Hungary v Wales Tasos Marko, Paralimni
Second round: Friday 3 March 2017
Group A 14:30 Switzerland v Korea DPR A.Papadopoulos, Larnaca
Group B 14:30 Austria v New Zealand GSP, Nicosia
Group C 14:30 Wales v Czech Republic Tasos Marko, Paralimni
Group A 17:30 Italy v Belgium A.Papadopoulos, Larnaca
Group B 17:30 Scotland v Korea Republic GSP, Nicosia
Group C 17:30 Republic of Ireland v Hungary Tasos Marko, Paralimni
Third round: Monday 6 March 2017
Group A 14:30 Italy v Switzerland A.Papadopoulos, Larnaca
Group B 17:30 Austria v Scotland GSZ, Larnaca
Group C 14:30 Republic of Ireland v Wales Tasos Marko, Paralimni
Group A 14:30 Korea DPR v Belgium GSZ, Larnaca
Group B 17:30 New Zealand v Korea Republic A.Papadopoulos, Larnaca
Group C 17:30 Czech Republic v Hungary Tasos Marko, Paralimni


Cyprus Women’s Cup 2017 Placement Matches

Game Time Match Venue TV
Final’s day: Wednesday 8 March 2017
3rd – 4th place playoff 14:30 TBC TBC
5th – 6th place playoff 14:30 TBC TBC
7th – 8th place playoff 14:00 TBC TBC
9th – 10th place playoff 11:30 TBC TBC
11th – 12th place playoff 11:00 TBC TBC

*subject to change.


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