Cast your vote now for February’s WSU Goal of the Month – Aminata Diallo, Claire Lavogez, Fabienne Humm, Laëtitia Tonazzi or Natasa Andonova?

Who scored the most impressive goal of February 2015? Here is your chance to help crown the WSU Goal of the Month.

The number of outstanding goals showcased in the world of women’s football this month has made it an extremely difficult task to narrow it down to just five nominees. After much discussion, we have selected five of the best from what we have seen. Thank you to everyone who shared information on the best goals you saw in February.

Take a look at the nominees in the video below and cast your vote for your favourite goal using the poll. Winner will be announced at the end of the week.

Voting now closed

WSU Goal of the Month winners

January 2015: Paola Brumana
December 2014: Shpresa Aradini
November 2014: Katie McCabe
October 2014: Yuki Ogimi

How the WSU Goal of the Month works:

Five goals are selected by the WSU team.
Winner is determined by a fan vote on Women’s Soccer United.

Did we miss a goal of the month contender?

Assist the WSU team by sharing information of top quality goals you have seen over the next month. If you witness a stunning goal and you are able to provide video footage please email:

  1. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Hi Tim. The names in the poll list load randomly but we can certainly fix the player order to match the video order for next month.

  2. Tim Wason 7 years ago

    OK, Humm’s name was 4th top to bottom on the vote list, but all Diallo are not in the same order of the vote list as the pictures and the videos. Sure you could look at the slide with the match info and get the name, but that’s making it more difficult than it has to be, and heck, the goals were so good that it would be a shame to elect the wrong one as the month’s best. Good feature, perhaps switch things around a little to make the voting truer.

  3. Tim Wason 7 years ago

    It would be really helpful if the video and the person scoring the goal were better matched. I thought the 3rd goal was the best, which if I would have taken the pictures, L to R #3 would be Humm, but the voting list is not in the same order as the video and the picture, and Humm is the first one on the list (top to bottom). Bet some people voted the third person on the list, which would be WRONG. If you number all three of the things, the video, the picture, and the voting, that would sure help get the right votes for the correct player… If you actually numbered the videos, had the pictures in the same order and numbered, with a voting box in each picture, the voting would be less complicated!

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