This network is of and for Women’s Football (Soccer) Players and Supporters from around the World! We are united together to create the biggest source of women’s football (soccer) information. Participating in discussions / debates surrounding our much loved sport and sharing our videos, photos and experiences of the beautiful game. WSU wants to facilitate a healthy environment for our community to engage with each other, these guidelines, along with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, are designed to ensure that everyone here has a great experience and gets the most out of WSU.


Be Real Human Beings

In order to be a member of Women’s Soccer United, we ask you to use your real name (you can change to a nickname after registration). This way we hope to limit membership to active users keeps the conversations constructive and means no one has to deal with anonymous trolls.

Aim for Respectful, Constructive Conversations

Without constructive feedback and debate, we won’t be able to achieve our collective goal of raising the profile of women’s football (soccer) Worldwide. Without respect and civility, constructive feedback and debate is impossible. Therefore, respect and civility need to be the hallmarks of this community.

Be Relevant

Keep your posts on-topic and in the correct category of the forum. Keep any other comments relevant to the content they’re attached to. Drive-by comments with no substance don’t add to the conversation, they just make it harder to follow. Our administrators – will reserve the right to remove off-topic comments and posts at their discretion in order to keep the conversation relevant.


Don’t act on behalf of Women’s Soccer United

Being a member of Women’s Soccer United does not authorise you to act on our behalf.

Don’t promote websites or services

This is not the place to advertise services, solicit business, drop affiliate links or recruit new members to your own websites. This includes advertising links on photos, and/or links added repeatedly on comment walls or as a signature on forum posts or replies.

Don’t Harass or Insult Other Members

Making personal attacks, insulting other members, or discussing a specific WSU, member or employee of WSU in a negative way is not ok. The two golden rules are: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all; and treat others as you’d like them to treat you. We will remove people who harass other people. Personal attacks, insults, and unrelenting negativity won’t be tolerated.

Don’t Post Private Information!

Do not publicly reveal information like your email address, phone numbers or addresses.

Don’t Spam

Spam is posting the same message repeatedly across Women’s Soccer United. Spam is writing the same post or comment over and over again. Spam is sending the same message to multiple members. Spam is promoting or advertising external services, websites or other products. Please don’t spam.


If it wasn’t obvious, violating any of these guidelines above will result in suspension or banning from the Women’s Soccer United community. Making this a safe, constructive place to exchange information is our top priority. Additionally, forum threads in the wrong section will be moved, without notice, to the appropriate place. To keep the sanity, WSU also reserves the right to close any discussion thread for any reason and to delete inappropriate content. In rare circumstances, WSU may delete information from the forums. We’re not looking to censor anyone, but it’s ours and our fellow member’s responsibility to ensure the integrity of the WSU network, you can email to report any issues or concerns you have with any content or fellow member. WSU has the right to remove member’s profiles without warning or reason.
This is your Women’s Soccer community, lets work together to keep it a safe, fun and positive place.

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