Women’s Soccer United has proudly brought the world of women’s football closer together.

The members and visitors of WSU spans 217 Countries/Territories; these include members from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America and South America. All of whom share a love and passion for women’s football.

Here is a guide to personalize your Women’s Soccer United member profile page.

Step 1 – Navigate to your profile page

Guide to edit WSU member profile
Log in to Women’s Soccer United with your username and password.
Click on your WSU username in the top right of the website.

Step 2 – Member profile options

Guide to edit WSU member profile
After clicking on your WSU username (step 1) you will be redirected to your personal member profile page.
On this page you have links to view your interactions on the Women’s Soccer United website, notifications from other members, and a place to post a personal status in your latest activity wall.

Step 3 – Change your profile photo

Guide to edit WSU member profile
In your personal member profile page, click on the PROFILE tab.
Guide to edit WSU member profile
Click BROWSE to select your preferred profile photo from your computer. Click UPLOAD IMAGE.
step3B step3C
Crop your image to get the desired profile photo. And that’s it, your personal member profile photo will be displayed.

Step 4 – Edit settings

On your membership profile page, click SETTINGS.
Click on the sub tab GENERAL, to edit your general profile settings. Click SAVE.
Click on the sub tab EMAIL, to personalise your email notifications from Women’s Soccer United.

We hope this guide will help you to personalise your WSU membership profile! Please contact the WSU Team. if you would like further assistance.


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