NWSL LIVE MATCH BROADCAST: Chicago Red Stars v WNY Flash (4th July 2013)

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  1. I totally disagree with the FIFA choices…

    How can they keep Lena Goessling out for the Best Player award ? She deserves the Ballon d’Or ten times more (at least) than Angerer who had a fantastic Euro, but ONLY a fantastic Euro (the rest of the season was extremey poor) when Goessling shone the whole year… She deserves it 50 times more than Wambach. Come on, what did Abby do ? Oh, yes, she broke the goals record, playing a ton of friendly games against second or third zone NT… And Lena deserves it also so much more than Marta. What did Marta do this year apart a (yes, convincing) season with Tyresö ? And I ask again : where is Nadine Keßler ??

    As for the coaches : Ralph Kellerman and Silivia Neid both deserve the award. What the first one did with Wolfsburg (1rst ever national title + 1rst ever national Cup + 1rst ever Champions’ League for the club’s 1rst participation) is gigantic, as well as what Sivia achieved at the Euro with the youngest team of the tournament (23,5 years old in average) and without 6 key players.

    But what Pia Sundaghe does here ?? Honestly… I know she is hugely popular, but what did she achieve this year ? Sweden failed at its Euro ! To reach the SF was the minimum the team could do, being very lucky with the draw. And it failed…

    Once more, those kinds of awards are ridiculous and there is really nothing to get excited about.

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