Seedings confirmed for UEFA EURO 2017 qualifying draw
Seedings confirmed for UEFA EURO 2017 qualifying draw

The seedings have been confirmed for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 qualifying group stage draw, to be streamed live on from 14.00CET on Monday 20 April.

Take a look at the Draw procedure (below):
• The 40 entrants consist of 38 nations given a bye to this round and the two preliminary round group winners: Georgia and debutants Moldova.
• Eight groups will be formed of five teams apiece.
• Each side is placed in one of five seedings pots depending on their coefficient ranking.
• A ball will first be drawn from Pot E to determine the team in the fifth position of Group 1. Then a second ball will be drawn from Pot E to decide the team in the fifth position of Group 2. A third ball will be drawn from Pot E to define the team in the fifth position of Group 3. The same procedure is repeated until the fifth position in Group 8 is filled.
• Then, the eight sides in Pot D are drawn into the fourth position of each group, starting with Group 1 and ending with Group 8 (in numerical order).
• The same procedure applies to Pots C to A, taking into consideration the respective positions within the respective groups.
• Matches will be played home and away from 14 September 2015 to 20 September 2016.


Pot A: Germany (holders)*, France*, Sweden*, Norway*, England*, Italy, Spain*, Iceland

Pot B: Russia, Denmark. Finland, Switzerland*, Scotland, Austria, Ukraine, Belgium

Pot C: Poland, Czech Republic, Wales, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Belarus

Pot D: Portugal, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Israel, Slovenia, Greece

Pot E: Estonia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Albania, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Georgia, Moldova

*Competing at 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

• The group winners and the six best runners-up will join the hosts, the Netherlands, in the final tournament.

• The other two runners-up will play off in October 2016 for the remaining berth in the expanded 16-team finals to be held the following summer.

Road to the Netherlands
Qualifying group stage draw: 14.00CET, 20 April 2015, Nyon
Qualifying group stage: 14 September 2015–20 September 2016
Play-off draw: 23 September 2016, Nyon
Play-offs: 17–25 October 2016
Finals draw: late 2016, Netherlands
Finals: July/August 2017, Netherlands

Source: UEFA

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  1. Asa 8 years ago

    Qualifying Group 1: Iceland, Scotland, Belarus, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia

    Qualifying Group 2: Spain, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Montenegro

    Qualifying Group 3: France, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Albania

    Qualifying Group 4: Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova

    Qualifying Group 5: Germany, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Croatia

    Qualifying Group 6: Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Georgia

    Qualifying Group 7: England, Belgium, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia

    Qualifying Group 8: Norway, Austria, Wales, Israel, Kazakhstan

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