AFC U-19 Championship:
(6th Oct 2011) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Videos
Matchworld Women’s Cup 2012:
(14th-17th July) – Status: Completed
View Tournament
AFC U-16 Championship:
(November 2012)
View Tournament | Videos
mobcast Cup (IWCC) 2012:
(22nd November 2012)
View Tournament 
Algarve Cup 2012:
(29th Feb – 7th Mar) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Videos
Pacific Games 2011:
(27th Aug – 9th Sep) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Photos
(19th-29th Jan 2012) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Photos | Videos
Pan American Games 2011:
(18th Oct) Status:  Completed
View Tournament | Videos | Photos
CONCACAF U-20s 2012:
(1st March) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Videos
Sao Paulo Tournament 2011:
(7th – 18th Dec 2011) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Videos
CONCACAF U-17s 2012:
(2nd May) – Status: Completed
View Tournament
South American U-20 Championship:
(20th Jan – 5th Feb 2012) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Videos
Cyprus Cup 2012:
(28th Feb – 6th Mar) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Photos | Videos
Tournament of Champions 2011:
(17th Mar – 19th Mar) – Status: Completed
View Tournament
FIFA Women’s World Cup, Canada 2015:
(TBC) – Status: Upcoming
View Tournament
UEFA Women’s Champions League:
(2012/2013) – Status: In Progress
View Tournament | Photos | Videos
FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 2012:
(19th Aug – 8th Sep) – Status: Completed
View Tournament 
UEFA Women’s Euro 2013:
(10 Jul – 28th Jul 2013) – Status: Qualifying Groups
View Tournament | Videos
FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2012
(22nd Sep – 13th Oct) – Status: Completed
View Tournament
UEFA Women’s U-19s:
(2nd – 14th Jul 2012) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Photos
Kuban Spring:
(2012) – Status: Completed
View Tournament 
UEFA Women’s U-17s:
(2011/2012) – Status: Completed
View Tournament
La Manga Training Tournaments:
(2012) – Status: Completed
View Tournament 
World Military Games 2011:
(15th Jul – 24th Jul) – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Photos | Videos
London 2012 Olympics:
(Summer 2012) – Status:  Completed
View Tournament | Photos | Videos
World University Games 2011:
(11th Aug – 21st Aug – Status: Completed
View Tournament | Photos | Videos



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  1. Ken, let me congratulate you on the most informative, in-depth analysis I have read on women’s football. – And a big thank you for sharing it on Women’s Soccer United. 

    I am going to have to comment over several posts – as I am going to re-read this through a few times.


    I am so pleased you have created this. I often have the reaction with the Ballon D’Or and the most recently introduced European player award, that the people making the deciding votes are not following the women’s game as intensely as what is needed in order to make the fairest decision. On many occasions players have slipped under the radar by the global awards and the more obvious players are nominated based on one competition of the year rather than by the whole season taking in domestic as well as major tournaments.

    I think with the women’s game and the noticeable lack of coverage, statistical information can become a major factor….

    I have so much to say haha… I need to re-read and come back!

    Thanks again Ken 🙂


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