Swedish Damallsvenskan match Fixtures for the 2015 season

119,762 Fans visited the Damallsvenskan Matches This 2015 Season

A total of 119,762 people visited the Damallsvenskan games in 2015. An increase of 27,785 people. (Average per game 907 people)

Umeå IK in 2005 accounted for over 35% of the audience, the cut in the Damallsvenskan every 1 110 people and Umeå IK had an average of nearly 3 000 people.

This year we have had two big increases, Eskilstuna United and Piteå IF has increased by 701 or 509 persons compared to 2015.

In total, 24% of audience numbers from Eskilstuna United.

Eskilstuna United average 2641 people Total: 29,050 people

Piteå IF average 1649 people Total: 18,142 persons

FC Rosengård 1075 people total, 11,830 people

Linköping FC 1021 people Total: 11,232 persons


Four Clubs have increased the number of audience compared to last year:

Eskilstuna united (2014: 1940)

Piteå IF (1130)

FC Rosengård (1049)

AIK (285)


Umeå IK lost the most. 5233 people visited Umeå IK in 2015 compared to 8116 persons in 2014. A peg at 41%.

KIF Orebro, last year’s runner-up, has been reduced from a total of 8910-6817.

Both newcomers in Damallsvenskan mallbackens IF and Hammarby IF DFF took a good step from Elitettan and ended up at an average of 961 or 805 people.


Audience Average in 2015:

Eskilstuna United 2641

Piteå IF 1649

FC Rosengård 1075

Linköping FC 1021

mallbackens if DFF 961

Hammarby IF DFF 805

KIF Örebro 620

Vittsjo 514

Umeå IK 475

Kopparbergs / Göteborg FC 472

Kristianstad DFF 368

AIK 285

Total: 119 762 people


Damallsvenskan Last match day Attendances 18th October 2015

Hammarby V Piteå, Attendance: 1712

Eskilstuna United V Göteborg FC, Attendance: 6312

Rosengård V Linköping, Attendance: 4255

KIF Örebro V Vittsjö, Attendance: 224

Kristianstad V AIK, Attendance: 387

Umeå V Mallbacken, Attendance: 413


Source courtesy of: damallsvenskan.se



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