1º Dezembro 3 – 0 Benfica  


The January. Conquers the 1º Dezembro, this Saturday for the sixth time in its history, the Cup of Portugal Women’s Cup by winning the Football Benfica 3-0 in the final at National Stadium in Jamor.

With his victory today’s pupils began to add Nuno Kitts 100 wins and six draws in the last 106 games in a season when the team line Sintra, has secured the final three weeks of the championship, 11. No title their achievements.

The opening minutes both teams were held to study in the field, but the first. 1º Dezembro showed up, showing why having sacred national champion.

The pressure continued to be the players of the Sintra line, with Benfica Football trying to dial their opponents, and, on 28 minutes came the first yellow card for Sofia Nunes, for a “pull” on the jerseys of opposing.

Oped a minute after a corner marked by Carla Couto – the most international player ever national football – Elsa Santos defended the first shot, but Lara Matos, the rebound, scored the first goal of the match.

At 36 minutes, the second rise in the Benfica soccer opponent, which resulted in a shot from above Susana Dias Beacon Patricia Mitchell.

One minute the whistle for the break, Carla Couto tried his luck again, two feet from the penalty area, shot with a cross at the far post but the keeper Elsa Santos turned the ball for a corner.

The second half began more balanced with the game being hotly contested in midfield.

Oped eight minutes into the second part, Carla Couto, counter-attacks, missed the shot, the ball being relieved by Matilde Hidalgo.

At 61 minutes, a goal not only of football Benfica came by the feet of Luciana Garcia, newly come, thanks to the defense of goalkeeper.
Up to 82 minutes, the game was in tune warm, but a pass from Carla Cristina Paula Couto, even to the mouth of the goal of Elsa Santos allowed, then the second goal of the national champions.

Almost upon the final whistle, Dolores Silva – who was awarded the “Hertz best player on the pitch” – headed home, closing the scoring at 3-0.

Game Sheet
Cup Final in Portugal Women’s Cup
National Stadium in Jamor
Attendance: About 4,000 spectators.

Referee: Sandra Bastos (AF Aveiro)
Assistant referees : Olga Almeida (AF Viseu) and Dalila Ribeiro (AF Setúbal)
Wednesday referee : Sílvia Domingos (AF Algarve)

1º Dezembro Football Benfica 3-0 (1-0 at the interval)

1º Dezembro: Patricia Mitchell, Monica Mendes, Lara Matos (Mónica Gonçalves, 63 ‘), Carla Couto, Dolores Silva, Silvia Brunheiro (Solange Carvalhas, 90’), Elisabeth Calejo (Paula Cristina, 63 ‘), Filipa Pato, Ines Borges, Raquel Infante and Tania Pinto.
( Alternates : Sara Machado, Solange Carvalhas, Paula Cristina, Monica Goncalves, Mariana Cabral, Ines Beatriz Quintanilla and Fernandes).

Goals: Lara Matos (32 ‘), Paula Cristina (82’) and Dolores Silva (90 ‘+2’).
Disciplinary action: Yellow card for Ines Borges (60 ‘).

Benfica Football : Elsa Santos, Matilde Hidalgo, Sofia Nunes, Flávia Santos, Sofia Carvalho (Hannah Bridges, 87 ‘), Elsa Ventura, Daniela chalice (Luciana Garcia, 58’), Susana Dias Susana Marques (Catarina Ferreira 73 ‘) , Patricia and Rita Gouveia Monteiro.
(Substitutes: Ines Andrada, Jacyra Miguel, Maria Adriana Augusto “Rikki,” Luciana Garcia, Ana Bridges, Catarina Ferreira and Andrew Arcadinho).
Goals: None.
Disciplinary action : Yellow card for Sofia Nunes (28 ‘).

Source: fpf.pt


  1. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Great article, thank you for sharing @Gromit. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for Lindsey, I hope she enjoys every moment of this unique experience.

  2. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Lol 🙂 I’ll try update that…


    Wow that’s great (If I had read the team lineups I would have found that out myself, oops!)…. now searching for you in team pic lol. Congratulations on winning the Cup!!! :D:D

  3. Mariana 10 years ago

    yes, 1º Dezembro, or “1st December”, eheh

  4. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Is that the team you play for? @Mariana? 🙂

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