1. Jean-Paul Abidogoun 9 years ago

    Americans care a lot about statistics, that’s a cultural thing, if this bother you just mute the sound or watch the game with german commentaries.

    I think Germans are doing great, they are a little bit more physical and they are pressing very high, they lack more presence in front of the goal post and Mittag missed a lot of touches that could put her in good position to strike…. but US surely play better than the last Saturday, and they’ve got the eternal look-how-lucky-i-am presence of Wambach inside the box.

    IMO the goal is a bit of a German goalkeeper’s mistake, she shouldn’t have allowed the ball to past right in front of her, she should have catched it; lack of anticipation and reflex…but it was greatly a lack of luck too because the ball was deflected beforehand.

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