Tokyo has won the right to host the 2020 Summer Olympics beating Madrid & Istanbul, which of course means the 2020 Women’s Olympic Tournament will take place in Japan.

Anyone think this could put a dent in Japan hosting the 2019 Women’s World Cup? Of course, there aren’t even any bids for it in yet. Wonder why? We’re just two years away from 2015 (which they need to know who will host before the start of), shouldn’t FIFA want to see who is interested?

  1. terencefullick 10 years ago

    Yes, I think anticipated attendance figures would be a very key factor,  I don’t think it should go to Europe twice in a row, Japan apparently got the Olympics on their insistance, they were the ‘safe’ bet, so maybe that strategy will work twice.

    There were 30,000 to watch the “Sawa and Friends”, soccer tournament on Christmas Day last year, that is fantastic support for Women’s Soccer, so I hope Japan gets it.

  2. Author
    A-Hamm 10 years ago

    Yeah I thought about that, though Men’s olympic tournament is U-21 (aside from three over 21 players). Should be interesting. I’m just surprised they haven’t started the bidding process, FIFA already has the (controversial) hosts for the 2018 & 2022 men’s World Cups. 

    I assume 2019 will be in Asia, though they could go to Europe again, as only Germany & Sweden have hosted. Wikipedia says Japan, Australia, Poland & South Africa have discussed bids. South Korea would make for a good host in Asia as well if not Japan. I’m sure we’ll see some European countries (besides Poland) bid. France, England, Netherlands, Belgium? If South Africa bids I doubt they’d win. They have all the stadiums from 2010, but Africa needs more time to grow women’s soccer to get the attendances that Germany, China & USA had.

  3. terencefullick 10 years ago

    Well Brazil are hosting next years Men’s World Cup and 2 years later the Olympics, so a sort of precedent has been set, With the Nadeshiko being World Cup Winners and Olympic Silver medalists , and the crowds they will no doubt attract, I really hope Japan bids for and gets the 2019 World Cup.

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