Brazil Women’s National Team will train at Granja Comary ahead of their International friendly match against Sweden in Stockholm on 19th June 2013.


Head Coach, Márcio de Oliveira has called up 26 players to attend the training camp between 2-15 June. After the training phase Márcio de Oliveira will announce his final team selection to travel to Sweden.


Brazil Women’s National Team (Granja Comary Training Camp):

Adriane (Ferroviária/SP)

Andressa (Centro Olímpico/SP)

Bagé (São José/SP)

Bia (Hyundai Steel Red Angels/Coreia)

Bruna Benites (São José/SP)

Danielle (Vitória/PE)

Danielli (São José/SP)

Débora (Centro Olímpico/SP)

Fabiana (Rossiyanka/Rússia)

Formiga (São José/SP)

Francielle (São José/SP)

Giovânia (São José/SP)

Gislaine (São José/SP)

Janaína (Vitória/PE)

Karen (Centro Olímpico/SP)

Larissa (Duque de Caxias/RJ)

Letícia (Kindermann/SC)

Luana (Centro Olímpico/SP)

Luciana (Ferroviária/SP)

Maria (Vitória/PE)

Marta (Tyresö F.F.)

Poliana (São José/SP)

Raquel (Vitória/PE)

Rosana (Centro Olímpico/SP)

Thaís Picarte (Centro Olímpico/SP)

Thaisinha (Hyundai Steel Red Angels/Coreia)

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  1. sylvain 9 years ago

    I think you can also mention that players don’t wanna rock the boat and make public criticism for fear of being blacklisted. They do make those criticism in private, I indrectly heard some in 2011 and heard them directly the dayafter we battered England.

  2. gromit 9 years ago

    Thank you @Izzy. :o)

    Can you tell me more about Erika ? Is she a student, the, What does she study ? Let me know, please, that it is French and that she intends to come and play in D1 sometime in the future ;o)

  3. Izzy 9 years ago

    Erika will play the University games… and Cristiane is doing very well on Korea. I dont know why she wasnt called

  4. gromit 9 years ago

    Where’s Erika ?? :o(

    I suppose Christiane is still injured ?

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