The WPS showed its true form this weekend, cramming in all three games, comprising of all six teams into a little less then 8 hour section of your Sunday.
What did we learn?
The Flash will win the whole thing.


magicJack 2:1 Philly

Down into the humid, murk that is Florida, magicJack outlasted the Independence at FAU stadium. A-Rod started the show with a shot on goal within the first thirty seconds of the match. Tina DiMartino would capture her second goal of the year [Philly has only played two weeks now], when she chipped in a penalty shot past Hope Solo in the 8th minute.

That’s when the other crew [I truly hate typing magicJack without a trademark notation next to the name] would hold Philly scoreless for the rest of the game. USWNT player Abby Wambach would be depended upon to equalize for the Floridian’s in the 25 minute making the game 1:1.

The score would hold strong until the 74th minute when Lisa Devanna substituted into the game. She would send a final volley into the net securing the 2:1 win for magicJack.


Sky Blue 0:1 Breakers

Two teams who many thought would fight it out for the title this year have found themselves down low in the rankings early on. Sunday’s match would determine who would stay as the bottom feeder of the league.

Hello Sky Blue.

The game for the most part was not in the most favorable weather conditions, and overall it was more of a stalemate then anything else. The primary action came late in the match when Kelley Smith [shout out to the English folks], placed in a firecracker into the center of the box. After chaos ensued, it was Breakers defender Racher Bueler that slid into the box to send the ball to its home in the back of the net making the score 1:0 in favor of the Breakers.

The score would stand 1:0 for the duration of that game televised on FSC; truly the least dynamic match to be televised this season.


WNY Flash 3:0 Beat

It was bound to happen, this writer was getting far too excited about the up and coming Atlanta Beat. Sunday’s home opener for Western New York was a slaughterhouse of soccer.

Canadian Christine Sinclair was easily the player of the match [along with probable WPS Player of the Week honors] with her two goals [first one unassisted, second one coming in from Marta. WPS newcoming Alex Morgan finally got her first WPS goal of her career with one coming in the 73rd minute off of a Kelly Parker assist.

It was a match in which one team was ready and the other was not. At one point Atlanta went 65 minutes without a single shot on goal [Flash 11 SOG: Beat 3 SOG, though Lipsher recorded 10 more saves to her career].

Let it be known that it was a physical match with 5 yellow cards and 19 total fouls in the match [divided 11 and 8].


Notes That Make You Go “Ugh…”

Average Attendence of this weeks games: 1,987

Why this number is bad: Second time in WPS history the number has dropped below 2000

Why this number is good: It is the year this writer was born

Troubled waters are turning in the turbulent WPS [that’s why we’ve got the Weekly Wrap]

[Important numbers came strictly from All White Kit]




  1. A-Hamm 9 years ago

    Hm I say the score will be USA-3, Australia-1

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