Thank you US Women’s National Team and USSF for allowing us to find the future stars of the world’s beautiful game. Due to call up for the Japan/US friendly on Saturday the WPS was limited to two games, but promised an interesting, and pleasant surprise down in the land of dixie [known as the southeastern US].

Boston Breakers 2:3 Western New York Flash

With Alex Morgan and crew gone away on national duty, many got new looks from the new Flash as the team attempted to keep the winning ways going, and proving to be strong contenders [if even contended for the ’11 WPS Title]. In a rather cloudy, damp day [damp in the second half], the Breakers found themselves down two goals twice during the match. In the 10th minute it was a header Brittany Bock past Boston GK Alyssa Naeher. Only 15 minutes later Zerboni picked up a nice touch from Kim Brandao who sent a clean one into the net making it a quick 2-0.

Later in the first half [aiming towards halftime] a Washington corner kick met perfection as Liz Bogus glided one in making it a one point game 2-1 going into halftime.

Then the rain started to fall.

On a slick field in the second half it was the Breakers who came out with shot after shot. Bogus had another opportunity to put in her second, but went wide to the left. Australian newcomer Leah Blayney put a header just left of the post as well. Zerboni killed the momentum for the Breakers when a well placed ball from England native Gemma Davison crossed the head of Zerboni, giving her, her second goal of the game; 3-1 Flash.

Nicki Washington would help cut down the lead for Boston with a 83rd minute goal, making it 3-2. The Flash held on for seven more mnutes of a Breakers attack before walking away with the win.

Atlanta Beat 1:2 Philadelphia Independence

The Beat truly had their ups and lows Sunday night. What was rough it taking the lead from a Chalupny goal [which is always entertaining], fighting through the half, heading into half time with a 1-0 lead, and then watching Philly come roaring to life with a pair of goals from Johnson and del Rio. Johnson’s goal came merely as cleanup from an amazing diving save by Lipsher. del Rio’s on the other hand came off the speed and perfection of a cross by Tasha Kia.

While the loss at home is always a heartbreaker, the highlight of the night was actually off the field and in the stands.

All 6,125 of them.

The Beat set the WPS 2011 attendance record with over six thousand people in the stands. The Beat had been running promotions hard as of late, this weeks included that kids in soccer gear would get in free.

Translates to this: There are ways to bring in the crowds [Flash attendance was below 2000 once again], it is up to the crews in charge of those aspects of PR to get them in. If the Beat…the Beat, can do it, then any team can do it.


Flash (4-0-1) 13 pts [Even with the nationals gone, this team is tearing it up…]

magicJack (3-0-0) 8 pts [Your math isn’t wrong, earlier this week mJ was docked points primarily due to their owner not following proper guidelines set out by the WPS]

Philly (2-1-1) 7 pts [A strong win against the Beat on the road means this team could be hitting stride]

Boston [2-4-0] 6 pts [Trying to keep up with the Flash is impressive, but doing against the second strong, and still not winning, Bostonh as a long way to go]

Beat [1-4-1] 4 pts [A heartbreak team, you want them to do well, they started to look it, and now they’re heading down the hill…what needs to change?]

Sky Ble FC [0-3-1] 1 pt [Winless, off this week, and trying to find redemption, thankfully the season is long enough that anything can happen, remember when they won it all last time?]


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  1. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Full-time in Göteborg: Sweden 2-1 Netherlands (Hoogendijk 35′, Schelin 52′, Asllani 66′)

  2. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Sounds like great matches and it is good that the absence of the International players allowed other players to shine. I am so pleased with the attendance the Beat achieved!! They now know it can be done and if all the teams learnt from what works to draw the crowds in hopefully this will be something we will see more of at the WPS matches?


    Thank you Shawn for a great article :):)

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