Rona Wignall, an 18-year-old Waterside Karori player, says she was “king-hit” by Lower Hutt City goalie Lisa Pahl while other players were shaking hands after last month’s match at Te Whaea Park in Newtown, Wellington.

Wignall said she and Pahl had a running verbal battle throughout the game and admits she asked “Are you even a girl?” in the second half. After the final whistle, she said Pahl retaliated with a punch.

“I did say that but she’d already said some things beforehand. I didn’t start it … she came up behind me and just said ‘Hey No 3.’

“The next thing I know, I was on the ground and I couldn’t open my eyes. I’m the most competitive person you could get, but I don’t go around hitting people.”

Capital Football originally banned Pahl for eight games, but this week it reduced that to five games, based on a view that Pahl had received “significant and sustained abuse of a personal nature”. Pahl was also fined $200.

Earlier this month, Capital Football boss Grant Herman wrote to clubs demanding they clamp down on foul play, but he denied yesterday that Pahl’s penalty was too soft. “Five weeks is actually a reasonably serious penalty.

“I made a point to all the clubs in the email I sent, but we also have to be fair in each individual instance as well.”

Karori coach Mike Greene, who also refereed the game with Lower Hutt’s agreement, disagreed.

“A player knocking another player out stone cold … a five-game suspension, I see that as being too lenient,” he said.

Greene was disappointed Karori were not consulted by the disciplinary committee, including Herman, a Capital Football board member and a former referee.

“They haven’t actually asked me or Rona or anyone what happened. I have questions over the way the hearings work, if they’re only going to invite Lower Hutt along to state their case.”

Pahl could not be contacted yesterday, but a member of the Lower Hutt team said she was embarrassed by the incident.


Photo: CHRIS SKELTON/ The Dominion Post

  1. Jean-Paul Abidogoun 9 years ago

    It is infortunate that Women don’t train in the same camp with the men’s team as O Lyon do with its teams. Of course Lindsey can learn from watching Zlatan playing in the stadium as she did yesterday at the PSG – Toulouse men’s game. I remember her interview last year about her Two weeks trainning at Lyon, she did like very much the fact that both men women pro and youth lunched together. If Sinclair comes i feel like it will be more like an Wambach-Morgan model. Horan as an “Morgan” role is also known for being a very technical foward too. The thing is : Is The coach Farid Benstiti able to change the french philosophy of playing with two fowards instead of one? A 4-4-2 in Paris will be refreshing for a change! Are Cruz and Bresonik capable of handling the middle?

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