Olympic Gold Medalist Abby Wambach's new book, WOLFPACK (Celadon Books)

All-time leading goalscorer, Abby Wambach inspires with new book “Wolfpack”.

USWNT icon, Abby Wambach made one hell of an impact on the pitch, retiring as the record holder for international goals for both female and male soccer players.

By just watching Abby Wambach perform, you could clearly see not only her individual talent but also her natural leadership skills, encouraging her team-mates and achieving huge successes. At that time, USA had the benefit of two coaches, one on the side-lines and the other, Abby, at the heart of the action influencing the outcome of the matches.

I was convinced that Abby Wambach would go on to be the next USWNT head coach, but it turns out that her passion spreads even further than soccer and her goal is to empower people around the world to achieve their true potential and to fight against any inequalities and barriers that stand in their way.

Olympic Gold Medalist Abby Wambach’s new book, WOLFPACK: How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power, and Change the Game (Celadon Books), which was released on 9 April was an instant New York Times bestseller.

Based on her viral 2018 commencement speech at Barnard College, WOLFPACK unpacks Abby’s opinion about the pay gap between men and women in soccer—she discusses sharing the 2015 ESPYS stage with Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning, knowing how financially different their retirements would be because of their gender and how women are groomed to just be “grateful”; especially relevant given the U.S. women’s soccer team’s recent gender discrimination lawsuit.

The book has attracted incredible media attention already including Good Morning America, New York Times, LA Times, The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal Magazine, to name a few.

From her own experiences, Abby Wambach has created eight lessons within her book:

1. You were always the Wolf.
2. Be grateful AND ambitious.
3. Lead from the bench.
4. Make failure your fuel.
5. Champions each other.
6. Demand the ball.
7. Bring it all.
8. Find your pack.

Each of these individual lessons come with a  new rule, encouraging you to ditch the outdated, old ones that we are often led to believe we have to follow. In particular, I like:

Old rule: Stay on the path.

New rule: Create your own path.

With the ‘Wolfpack’ behind you, there is an instant belief and confidence in what you can achieve.

Wambach’s book comes at a significant time where many women are demanding change and equality, in football, but also in all aspects of life.

Olympic Gold Medalist Abby Wambach's new book, WOLFPACK (Celadon Books)

It’s a simple but important message, ‘if we keep playing by the old rules, we will never change the game’.

So, after becoming an icon in sport, where she created a culture of excellence, honour, commitment, resilience and sisterhood. Abby has helped transform a group of individual women into one of the most successful, powerful and united Wolfpacks of all time.

Welcome to the Wolfpack, it’s a great place to be…


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