WSU unite the players and fans of women’s football (soccer) around the World who share the same passion and want to meet and share experiences and build a worldwide source of information.
Created to give people an engaging, entertaining, resourceful and interactive experience into women’s football. A place to find interesting news from grassroots to professional level and meet people with the same passion to converse with.
What makes us special?
The Members! Our team players that share a passion and are dedicated to gather and share their experiences and all news they’ve heard relating to the beautiful game.
We are dedicated to creativity, self-expression and inspiration.
We accept no boundaries or restrictions and will fight to get the players and fans of women’s football around the world acknowledged and appreciated.


Those who have followed the WSU journey from the beginning will know the massive boundaries we broke down and seen the amount of work that ourselves and our members did to achieve a higher standard for the game.
We were the first 100% fully dedicated women’s football organisation, providing engaging, interactive coverage of the game at a global level. Since our arrival we have inspired a new generation and helped changed the way people view the sport. We are proud to say that there is now a lot more mainstream coverage across many forms.

Changed lives and created opportunities

One of Women’s Soccer United’s proudest achievements is the positive impact we have had on the women’s game and those involved.
Not only have we been able to work closely and assist players and coaches with information we have also been a main influence on some of  the WSU members’ life changing decisions. It feels special to receive messages of thanks from our members who say that Women’s Soccer United has created new opportunities for them since joining and contributing.

Future goals for WSU

Although we have seen an enormous improvement on a global level for the growth of women’s football, we feel that there is a lot more work that needs to be done. Together we will continue to build the biggest source of information and raise the profile of the beautiful game and all those involved.


Thank you for everyone who has contributed to WSU, lets continue to work together so that women’s football gets the recognition it deserves!


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