AFC Asian Women's Cup Vietnam 2014

Asian Women’s Cup 2014

Group A


Group B

Korea Republic

The AFC Women’s Asian Cup Schedule:

Group A: Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Jordan

Group B: Korea, China, Thailand, Myanmar

First Stage:

May 14th

Vietnam 3-1 Jordan
Goals: Muon 18′, Maysa Jbarah 34′, Huong 36′, 84′

Australia 2-2 Japan
Goals: Foord 21′, De Vanna 64′, Kawasumi 69′, Ogimi 83′

May 15th:

South Korea 12:0 Myanmar
Goals:  Ji SoYun 3’, Park Eunsun 16’ 42’, Park HeeYoung 33’, Jeon Gaeul 35’ 40’ 63’, Cho Sohyun 45+3’ 61’ 82’, Kwon Hahnul 58’, Yeo Minji 77’

China 7-0 Thailand

May 16th:

Jordan 1-3 Australia
Goals: Kathryn Gill 35′, 50′, Katrina Gorry 66′, Stephanie Naber 70′

Japan 4-0 Vietnam
Goals: Kawasumi 44′, 87′, Kiryu 65′, Ogimi 69′

May 17th:

Myanmar 0-3 China
Goals: Ren Guixin 10′, Ma Xiaoxu 60′, Yang Li 86′

Thailand 0-4 South Korea
Goals: Ji Su Yun 11′, Park So Yun 13′, Park Eun Sun 47′, 85′

May 18th:

Vietnam 0-2 Australia
Goals: (OG 42′), Gorry 90′

Japan 7-0 Jordan
Goals: Kira 26′, 90+5′, Nakajima 45+1′, 76′, Sakaguchi 48′, (OG 68′), (tbc 82′)

May 19th:

South Korea 0-0 China

Thailand 2-1 Myanmar
Goals: Kanjana Sung-Ngoen 29′ (Thailand), Yee Yee OO 45+1′ (Myanmar), Sritala Duangnapa 58′ (Thailand)

Final Stage:

May 21st: 5th place match

Vietnam 1-2 Thailand
Goals: Kheanpet 48′, Sung-Ngoen 65′, Tuyet Dung 85′

May 22nd: Semi-final

Japan vs. China PR,
Korea Republic vs. Australia

May 25th: Finals

3rd place match by the losers of semi-final,

Final by the winners of semi-final


Thanks to Ken Suzuki


  1. A-Hamm 7 years ago

    As expected. For the 5th I think Vietnam may provide better competition than Thailand at the World Cup so I hope they qualify, they’ve held up alright against Japan and Australia. Though they are pretty close to one another.

    • Gina West 7 years ago

      I have not seen Thailand yet, but I did watch the Vietnam v Australia match today. I agree they were good opponents and will provide good competition should they qualify.
      I thought they were unlucky to concede the free-kick in their area during this game. I assume it was for a back pass but watching the match it clearly was not. The player was trying to kick the ball away at power but misdirect it at her goal, the goalkeeper has to make a save. I would be surprised if anyone would do a back pass to their keeper at that close range and with that amount of power.

      • Mia Mon 7 years ago

        my money’s on Vietnam. but Thailand know the Viets too well and their weaknesses…

  2. WSU 7 years ago

    Reigning World Champions Nadeshiko Japan have qualified for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015! Australia Matildas have also booked their place in Canada!

  3. WSU 7 years ago

    Full-time: Japan 7-0 Jordan (Kira 26′, 90+5′, Nakajima 45+1′, 76′, Sakaguchi 48′, (OG 68′), (tbc 82′))

  4. WSU 7 years ago

    90+5′ GOAL! Japan 7-0 Jordan (Kira scores!)

  5. WSU 7 years ago

    82′ GOAL! Japan 6-0 Jordan

  6. WSU 7 years ago

    76′ GOAL! Japan 5-0 Jordan (Nakajima scores!)

  7. WSU 7 years ago

    68′ GOAL! Japan 4-0 Jordan

  8. WSU 7 years ago

    48′ GOAL! Japan 3-0 Jordan (Sakaguchi scores!)

  9. WSU 7 years ago

    Half-time: Japan 2-0 Jordan

  10. WSU 7 years ago

    45′ GOAL! Japan 2-0 Jordan (Nakajima scores!)

  11. WSU 7 years ago

    26′ GOAL! Japan 1-0 Jordan

  12. WSU 7 years ago

    Match underway: Japan 0-0 Jordan

  13. WSU 7 years ago

    Full-time: Myanmar 0-3 China PR (Ren Guixin 10′, Ma Xiaoxu 60′, Yang Li 86′)

  14. WSU 7 years ago

    Full-time: Vietnam 0-4 Japan (Kawasumi 44′, 87′, Kiryu 65′, Ogimi 69′)

  15. WSU 7 years ago

    87′ GOAL! Vietnam 0-4 Japan (Nahomi Kawasumi scores her second of the game!)

  16. WSU 7 years ago

    69′ GOAL! Vietnam 0-3 Japan (Ogimi scores!)

  17. WSU 7 years ago

    65′ GOAL! Vietnam 0-2 Japan (Kiryu with the header!)

  18. WSU 7 years ago

    Second half underway: Vietnam 0-1 Japan

  19. WSU 7 years ago

    Half-time: Vietnam 0-1 Japan (Nahomi Kawasumi 44′ )

  20. WSU 7 years ago

    44′ GOAL! Vietnam 0-1 Japan (Nahomi Kawasumi with a great strike!)

  21. WSU 7 years ago

    Half-Time: China 4 – 0 Thailand

  22. WSU 7 years ago


  23. WSU 7 years ago


  24. Mia Mon 7 years ago

    Lesser lights eye share of the spotlight

    “Thailand, who have consistently featured at the tournament over recent years and who only failed to qualify for the 2014 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup by the narrowest of margins, arguably have the strongest claim of the quartet. Thailand, despite being pushed all the way by PHILIPPINES in pre-qualifying, received a boost in December by seeing off two of their competitors – Myanmar and Vietnam – to win gold in the South-East Asian Games.”


  25. Elena Kelly 7 years ago

    Since WSU went to the new website I have not received any email notifications from any of the groups I am a member of. And I have not been able to find a link to follow conversations. I just found out that there was a response to a post I made a month ago in Asian Women’s Cup 2014, and the response was shortly after I posted. What am I doing wrong?

    • WSU 7 years ago

      I will check the settings options and get back to you as soon as possible.

    • WSU 7 years ago

      Hi Elena, we have made some adjustments to the settings. When you are free please can you check your e-mail including the spam folder, to see if this has resolved the issue.

  26. Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    Japan Football Association announces the 23 players for the coming AFC in Vietnam (qualifiers for the 2015 World Cup.)

    #1: Miho Fukumoto (Yunogo)
    #18: Ayumi Kaihori (Kobe)
    #21: Erina Yamane (Chiba)
    #2: Saori Ariyoshi (NTV)
    #3: Azusa Iwashimizu (NTV)
    #4: Kana Osafune (Sendai)
    #5: Megumi Kamionobe (Niigata)
    #19: Rumi Utsugi (Montpellier)
    #22: Ruka Norimatsu (Urawa)
    #23: Shiho Kohata (Urawa)
    #6: Mizuho Sakaguchi (NTV)
    #8: Aya Miyama (Yunogo)
    #9: Nahomi Kawasumi (Seattle)
    #10: Homare Sawa (Kobe)
    #12: Emi Nakajima (Kobe)
    #14: Nanase Kiryu (Sky Blue)
    #16: Hikaru Naomoto (Urawa)
    #20: Yuri Kawamura (Sendai)
    #7: Karina Maruyama (Takatsuki)
    #11: Chinatsu Kira (Urawa)
    #13: Megumi Takase (Kobe)
    #15: Yuika Sugasawa (Chiba)
    #17: Yuki Ogimi (Chelsea)

    The team will play a friendly match against the New Zealand national team on May 8 in Osaka, then fly to Vietnam. The AFC tournament will start on May 14 and Japan will play Australia in its opening match.

    The announced squad includes 4 players selected for the first time to international A team. Norimatsu, Kohata, Naomoto, Kira. All from Urawa Reds Ladies.

    JFA also announced since FIFA does not recognize the AFC as international “A” matches the clubs are not obliged to supply their players. The teams of Nadeshiko League all supply their players. (In fact, the league is suspended from May 5 to 30.) Among the European and American clubs, Montpellier (Utsugi), Sky Blue (Kiryu), Seattle (Kawasumi) and Chelsea (Ogimi) agreed to supply while Frankfurt (Ando, Tanaka), Arsenal (Ohno, Kinga) and Lyon (Kumagai) did not.

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