Africa – African Women’s Championship 2nd Leg

Ethiopia 4 – 0 Egypt

Tanzania 5 – 2 Namibia

Guinea 0 – 5 Côte d’Ivoire

Mozambique 0 – 0 Kenya (OFF)

Malawi 4 – 2  Zambia

Tunisia 2 – 0  Morocco

(Morocco wins 5-3 on pens)

Burundi 0 – 0 Senegal (OFF)

Congo DR 4 – 0  Uganda

Ghana 5 – 2  Mali

Zimbabwe 2 – 1  Botswana

  1. Ken Suzuki 10 years ago

    Thank you for introducing the FIFA’s criteria. The criteria looks objective and standardized, even if fairness is a bit questionable.

    The most important point we must understand is that the points to decide ranks are cumulative one built in history. For example, Nigeria is low (#32) because they were low (#27) to begin with. In other words, they should be a rapidly rising star if they are still ranked so low but made it to the world cup (and almost showed equal performance against Germany and France.)

    The questionable part is the so-called S.EXP which is high if you outranked your opponent, and low if you were outranked by your opponent. Suppose there are 3 teams – A and B and C – whose pre-match points were 1300, 1000 and 700 respectively. Then 2 matches – A vs. B and C vs. B – took place, which both ended in draw. In this case, both A and C did same thing – tying with B. But A loses points while C gains because A had “85%” to beat against while C had only “15%.” Is this fair? Perhaps it depends on individual philosophy. My personal idea is same achievement must be appreciated by same points.

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