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Inter women’s team, the goals for the Azzurre and Zanetti’s advice: an interview with Agnese Bonfantini

Back in January, interviewed Agnese Bonfantini, forward of the F.C Inter women’s team. Born in 1999, number 10 on the shoulders, Alex Morgan’s achievements in mind (and in that pink head band as a hair clip) and a great future ahead, Agnese tells us something more about her.

Like many young players, Agnese divides her time between school and a promising football career, started when she was 6 years old. Her skills originate from a basic preparation given by male teams, in which she played from the beginnings until she joined the Inter women team. When she was 6 years old, for three years, she gained experience playing at the men’s team of Fondotoce. Later, she moved to Gravellona Toce for two seasons, before joining the Inter team.

But the famous “neroazzurro” colour, is not the only one that Agnese likes to wear. She also wore the “azzurro” of the Italian national team. First, she played in the under 17 team and now she is in the Under 19 team, with whom they have recently managed to pass the first phase of the European Championship. Here is what she told us:

What do you think about the fact that many girls start playing football with males, before moving to the women teams? Is it true that it can give you something more?

Yes, playing football with males at the beginning gives you an extra skill, even if at that age the physical difference is less noticeable. Playing with them helps you grow, I think it is the most beautiful experience I had as a child.

What memories do you have about playing football with boys?

The most vivid memory is definitely the first day of training, I didn’t know anyone and everyone looked at me puzzled. Then when I showed them I knew how to play football, they started to look at me with amazement. From that moment I felt I was one of them.

How did you feel when you arrived at the Inter team? Were you already aware of being part of a great team?

When I was asked to go for trials at the Inter team, I was confused and excited at the same time. I have always dreamed of playing in a women’s team, especially as important as Inter is. However, I felt the strongest emotions the first time I went into the locker room, I already wanted to give my best to this team, which is still one of those with the most developed youth sector.

Speaking about last year, how did you live the head-to-head with the Valpolicella team?

We faced the head to head with the Valpolicella with determination and some fear at the same time. We believed in the victory until the last second and seeing the dream of winning the championship fade, was really heavy to overcome.

What do you think are your strengths this year?

We are a young team with a great desire to do and improve, moreover, behind us we have players with great experience and many years of playing football. Our strength this year? Being a TEAM!

What can you tell us about your relationship with Javier Zanetti? How does he help you on the field?

It’s very important and stimulating that such a champion follows and supports us at every match. He is always ready to give us advice and help us grow day by day.

Talking about your adventure in the national team: what is your most beautiful memory?

The best memory with the national team is definitely my first goal, in my first match. I was really happy also because we were playing against a great team, Spain.

Do you have a motto, or a fundamental value that inspires you as a player?

I haven’t a specific motto or a fundamental value, but before every kick-off Martina Brustia and I looked at each other and we both touch the Scudetto that we wear on the chest in order to charge and support each other for the match.

Your favorite player, or the one you’re inspired by? Italian or not ..

My favourite player is Alex Morgan, I feel so inspired from her, while in the Italian championship I really appreciate Girelli and Bonansea.

Favourite male player?

I like Neymar and Leon Bailey (Leverkusen). They are very fast players with great technical skills and I try to learn as much as possible from them.

Where do you see yourself in the future? In the short and long term ..

I don’t know where I see myself exactly in the future, but I have dreams. I would like one day to be part of the national team and become a professional player.

Calciodonne would like to thank Agnese Bonfantini for her time and for the nice words that show her commitment and love for this sport. Special thanks also to the ASD Inter Women’s team for their availability.


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