Alex Morgan showcases the new US Women’s National Team home kit, made from the unifying colours of the American flag.


The kit made by Nike has been tailored for the first time for the men and women’s teams and displays a bold patriotic design.


Visit the NikeSoccer official site for more details of the new kit and to purchase.


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  1. Lauren Ginn 8 years ago

    @WSU not sure where my comment went. Think I may have accidentally deleted it.

    That’s true, it’s not as if France is a poor team and doesn’t have the strikers, sometimes you just can’t finish. Canada has a really solid midfield with Scott and Matheson who are usually high lights for me.

    That’s a good sign then, sometimes I’ve had the ads keep playing instead of the game. I’ve had the exact opposite problem. Normally continuous ads means the match won’t work and a blank screen with what the match is does work. Fingers crossed for this, though!

  2. Lutendo Morris 9 years ago

    It’s not stylish but looks awesome

  3. Lauren Ginn 9 years ago

    When I first saw the kit I hated it, but I don’t like change. I’m now thinking it’s not so bad. My only problem is when I went to order one, all of the information in the description said men’s kit. I don’t want the men’s. I want a women’s fitted kit. 

    Now I also have to decide who I should get on the back. I already have a Rapinoe one. Not sure if I should get someone new.

  4. Deborah Bakker 9 years ago

    I actually like this jersey, looks like everyone hates it on the internet but it’s cool. And I like Where’s Waldo? 😀

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