1. Lauren Ginn 8 years ago

    @WSU not sure where my comment went. Think I may have accidentally deleted it.

    That’s true, it’s not as if France is a poor team and doesn’t have the strikers, sometimes you just can’t finish. Canada has a really solid midfield with Scott and Matheson who are usually high lights for me.

    That’s a good sign then, sometimes I’ve had the ads keep playing instead of the game. I’ve had the exact opposite problem. Normally continuous ads means the match won’t work and a blank screen with what the match is does work. Fingers crossed for this, though!

  2. Lutendo Morris 9 years ago

    It’s not stylish but looks awesome

  3. Lauren Ginn 9 years ago

    When I first saw the kit I hated it, but I don’t like change. I’m now thinking it’s not so bad. My only problem is when I went to order one, all of the information in the description said men’s kit. I don’t want the men’s. I want a women’s fitted kit. 

    Now I also have to decide who I should get on the back. I already have a Rapinoe one. Not sure if I should get someone new.

  4. Deborah Bakker 9 years ago

    I actually like this jersey, looks like everyone hates it on the internet but it’s cool. And I like Where’s Waldo? 😀

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