Algarve Cup 2015 competing teams

Algarve Cup 2015 Fixtures

Japan and Denmark kick off the 2015 edition of the exciting Algarve Cup tournament in Portugal this March.

Take a look at the fixture list for the 2015 Algarve Cup tournament below. Follow all the Algarve Cup action with Women’s Soccer United here. Here are the 2015 Algarve Cup Groups.

Algarve Cup 2015 Fixtures

Group/Date Time Match Venue TV
4th March 2015
Group A 15:00 Brazil 0-0 China PR Albufeira
Group A 16:00 Germany 2-4 Sweden
Goals: Dzsenifer Marozsan 2′, Simone Laudehr 4′, Caroline Seger 30′, 71′, Sofia Jacobsson 54′, 84′
V. Real S. António  Eurosport International HD
Group B 15:00 Switzerland 2-0 Iceland
Goals: Lara Dickenmann 58′ (PEN), 68′
Group B 19:00 Norway 1-2 USA
Goals: Ada Stolsmo Hegerberg 43′, Carli Lloyd 56′, 62′(PEN)
V. Real S. António Eurosport Nordic
FOX Sports 1
Group C 14:10 Japan 1-2 Denmark
Goals: Troelsgaard 2′, Ando 17′, Rasmussen 58′
Parchal  Eurosport International HD
Group C 17:10 Portugal 0-1 France
Goal: Le Sommer 65′
Parchal  Eurosport International HD
6th March 2015
Group A 13:00 Germany 2-0 China PR
Goals: Mittag 41′, Popp 77′
V. Real S.
 Eurosport International HD
Group A 13:30 Sweden 0-2 Brazil
Goals: Marta 20′, Andressa Alves 68′ [pen]
Lagos  Eurosport Nordic
Group B 17:00 USA 3-0 Switzerland
Goals: Alex Morgan 55′, Amy Rodriguez 73′, Abby Wambach 81′
V. Real S. António  FOX Sports 1
Group B 18:00 Norway 1-0 Iceland
Goals: Emilie Haavi 9′
Group C 12:10 Japan 3-0 Portugal
Goals: Yuri Kawamura 36′, Kumi Yokoyama 53′, Yuika Sugasawa 78′
Algarve  A Bola
Group C 15:00 France 4-1 Denmark
Goals: Le Sommer 1′, Abily 6′, Dali 13′, Lavogez 43′, Troelsgaard 76′
Algarve  Eurosport International HD
9th March 2015
Group A 17:30 Brazil 1-3 Germany
Goals: Popp 39′, Tamires 47′, Šašić 49′, Marozsan 56′
Parchal  Eurosport
Group A 17:30 Norway 2-2 Switzerland
Goals: Rønning 51′, Rahel Kiwic 62′, Fabienne Humm 74′, Herlovsen 85′ 
Group B 17:30 Sweden 3-0 China PR
Goals: Kosovare Asllani 4′, Lotta Schelin 33′ [pen], Sofia Jakobsson 40′ 
V. Real S. António  Eurosport 2 HD
Group B 17:30 USA 0-0 Iceland Lagos  FOX Sports 1
Group C 14:10 Japan 1-3 France
Goals: Nahomi Kawasumi 43′, Gaëtane Thiney 53′ [PEN], 84′, Eugénie Le Sommer 71′
Parchal  Eurosport 2 HD
Group C 14:10 Portugal 2-2 Denmark
Goals: Sanne Troelsgaard 53′, Caroline Rask 70′, Dolores Silva 76′ [PEN], Cláudia Neto 86′
 A Bola


Placement Matches

Game Time Match Venue TV
 11th March
The Final:  16:00 France 0-2 USA
Goals: Johnston 7′, Press 42′
3rd Place Play-off:  12:00 Sweden 1-2 Germany
Goals: Mittag 3′, Popp 52′, Jakobsson 63′
5th Place Play-off:  18:00 Norway 5-2 Denmark
Goals: Gulbrandsen 7′, 34′, 44′, Harder 60′, 74′, Dekkerhus 65′, Bjånesøy 71′
7th Place Play-off  15:00 Brazil 4-1 Switzerland
Goals: Marta 31′, 77′, Bia 37′, Wälti 45+’, Andressa 82′
9th Place Play-off  12:15 Japan 2-0 Iceland
Goals: Miyama, Ogimi
11th Place Play-off  15:00 Portugal 3-3 (8-7 PSO) China
Goals: Xu 3′, Wang 27′, Rodrigues 29′, Luís 39′, Zhang 70′, Silva 89′(PEN)

*subject to change.

Algarve Cup 2015 Final Standings
Algarve Cup 2015 Final Standings

  1. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    Eurosport Nordic will also show “Sweden – Brazil” on the 6th, other than that haven’t found any more differences between International version of Eurosport, or the main three (UK, France and Germany).

  2. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    Eurosport Nordic (DK, NO, SE, FI), seems to show the Norway – USA game live

  3. Gabriel Pinto 9 years ago

    Dear WSU,

    According to the portuguese website version of Eurosport, Germany-Brazil will be transmitted live.

    • Author
      WSU 9 years ago

      Thank you Gabriel, I have added Eurosport to that fixture above.
      That will be a fantastic fixture to watch!

  4. Asa 9 years ago

    Great news Gabriel on your Accreditation, will try and find out where they are training

    • Gabriel Pinto 9 years ago

      Hi Asa,

      I’m about to go and get my credential.
      I’ve been thinking about this and since I’m not getting any € for all this, I still have to travel 80km to get it. Diesel’s price are very appealing.

      I already know where the US are training and going to Lagos on purpose is adding to my expenses which I have to keep to a minimum.

      If the US get’s to the final, I may have a go on the final’s stadium (another 80km… )

      Damn economy…

  5. Author
    WSU 9 years ago

    Placement matches added thanks to Tamara, via wiki.

  6. Gabriel Pinto 9 years ago

    How did WSU get this information, I’m living in Portugal and cannot find a single PT webpage that posts regularly on women’s A team.

    • Gina West 9 years ago

      Lol @Gabriel Pinto

      Have you had any luck with your accreditation?

      • Gabriel Pinto 9 years ago

        Hi Gina,

        Still waiting 🙁
        It’s a local newspaper runned by volunteers. They’re doing they best to get it I’m sure.

        • Gina West 9 years ago

          I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

          • Gabriel Pinto 9 years ago

            Hey hey!

            Got my accreditation authorized!!
            Getting it on the 1st March.

            Will the US team practice at Lagos? If so, I could try and get some practice shots.

          • Gina West 9 years ago

            Congratulations Gabriel!! I’m very pleased for you. Hope you have great time 🙂

        • Izzy 9 years ago

          Oi Gabriel, a seleção feminina do Brasil está no Alfamar Beach & Sports Resorts. Seria maravilhoso se você pudesse ir lá tirar algumas fotos com as jogadoras e talvez bater um papo com elas! Abraço

          • Gabriel Pinto 9 years ago

            Olá Izzi,

            I’d like that very much, but has I replied to Asa, I can’t afford travelling a lot.
            My main job is seasonal (as is almost all jobs in the Algarve), it’s wedding photography. During Winter I have no income whatsoever, so these experiences as sports photographer as to be made as amateur.

            Anyway, I will be on Germany-Brasil game, so I’ll try to talk to them 🙂

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