Alina Shilova

Heartfelt story about a young Ukrainian woman, Alina Shilova, torn between playing football and looking after family

Alina Shilova’s life has always been based around playing football but when tragedy strikes the family, her responsibilities change drastically.

In a truly moving Guardian documentary called Home Match, (watch in the video player below), we witness a crucial year in the life of Alina Shilova, a young, talented Ukrainian footballer who portrays a tremendous amount of strength in the face of adversity.

Alina Shilova

Alina Shilova was considered by the Ukrainian national football team. Her coach knows she is hugely talented but can see that Alina is failing to live up to her potential after a family tragedy makes her torn between playing football and looking after her young siblings.


Alina is now the main caregiver for her siblings, responsible for paying the bills and getting them ready for a crucial new school year. Displaying an enormous amount of courage and love as she desperately tries to hold on to her football dream whilst at the same time ensuring a better life for her siblings than she had growing up.

WATCH VIDEO | Guardian documentaries presents: Home Match



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