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Allianz Women’s Bundesliga Starts Friday 28th August

The Allianz Women’s Bundesliga is waiting for the kick-off. On Friday evening (from 18 clock, live at Euro Sport), they will start in their 26th season. As a prelude to receiving defending champion Bayern Munich to. 1 FFC Turbine Potsdam. Already invited the German Football Association (DFB) and the alliance, named the top division and main partners of the women’s team, a kick-off. Players, coaches and managers voted in the DFB headquarters to a new season.

“We”, Helmut Sandrock said at the beginning of his speech, “We have with the Allianz Women’s Bundesliga a wonderful perception. And this we want to continue in the new season and continue to expand.” The DFB General Secretary made it clear at the very beginning of the kick-off event that the new season will be a special one.

Twelve teams compete in a total of 132 games for the championship. Or against relegation. Young players can prove at a high level, known internationals compete against each other. Alone in the World Cup 2015 in Canada presented the Allianz Women’s Bundesliga from a total of 42 actors. European peak. The League wants to set standards. At the top stick to it. Also in the new season.

For this purpose it has with the Allianz once again a strong partner at their side. For a year, the Group holds the naming rights to the competition. The partnership is successful. With Manfred Boschatzke represented the Head of advertising and sponsorship of Allianz AG Germany, the company at the kick-off. Also Hannelore Ratzeburg, DFB Vice-President for Women’s and girls’ football, participated in the event. She praised the path of the League.

In addition, Heike Ullrich spoke very positively. “The Allianz Women’s Bundesliga has developed step by step, often serving as a role model,” said the DFB Head of Women’s Football. “Above all, our licensing system is greatly appreciated and contributes to our success.” If on Friday night sounded the whistle for the new season, Ullrich is hoping for a similar amount of power as in the past season – was chosen as the only championship on the final day. A balanced competition. Exciting games. And sometimes surprising results. That is the appeal of the League. “We would prefer to sit with three, four championship cups on the final day at the various stages,” said Ullrich. “Because then we would have an incredibly exciting season finale.” The League arrives.

In the last season she had 159.6 million TV viewers. The airtime for the Allianz Women’s Bundesliga has almost quadrupled since 2011 – from 21 to 81 hours. And viewers can select their offer more individual: With the start of the new season of the German Football Association produced via DFB-TV own highlight videos to all encounters. Also in the social networks, the range will be expanded: In addition to Twitter and Facebook, the League is now on Instagram and Tumblr active.

But the decisive factor is still on the court. Especially Silvia Neid will follow from a purely sporting point of view the games. New internationals? In the Allianz Women’s Bundesliga they can recommend. New trends? Again, the national coach is hingucken exactly. “I expect a very exciting season,” said Neid. “There was a high tide change in the summer break. It will therefore be interesting to see how to take the individual teams and what development they will take in the course of the season. I certainly hope that our players get a lot of use time.”


The 26th season of Allianz Women’s Bundesliga – from Friday the ball rolls on the grass.. And the net at DFB.de

Source courtesy of: DFB.de


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