Arsenal Bahrain Ladies League 2013 kicked off on Monday the 14th January,games are played on Monday (19:00 to 20:30 local time) and on Thursday nights (18:30 to 20:00),all games are held at Soccer City.This year nine teams have entered the league.

The Teams:

Arsenal Yellow


Eastern Flames

U16 Bahrain

Arsenal Red

Desert Divas

Joga TFA

Jnr Gunners



If you Are a female wanting to play football in Bahrain, find out what is going on around the Island for Girls and women’s football and get involved.

Ladies League January 2013 Fixtures and Results


Week 1

Monday14th Jan
Arsenal Yellow 1 – 2 Venus
Eastern Flames 8 – 3 U16 Bahrain
Arsenal Red 7 – 1 Desert Divas


Thursday 17th Jan
Joga TFA 2 – 2 Jnr Gunners

Week 2

Monday 21st Jan
Arsenal Yellow 4 – 2 Eastern Flames
Arsenal Red 5 – 5 Jnr Gunners
Desert Divas 1 – 2 Joga TFA


Thursday 24th Jan
U16 Bahrain 2 – 2 Venus

Week 3

Monday 28th Jan
Venus 1 – 5 Eastern Flames
U16 Bahrain 3 – 5 Arsenal Yellow
Joga TFA 1 – 4 Arsenal Red


Thursday 31st Jan
Jnr Gunners 0 – 5 Desert Divas

Week 4

Monday 4th Feb
Venus 0 – 2 Desert Divas
Joga TFA 9 – 0 U16 Bahrain
Eastern Flames 4 – 3 Jnr Gunners


Thursday 7th Feb
Arsenal Red V Arsenal Yellow

Week 5

Monday 11th Feb
Arsenal Yellow 6 – 2 Desert Divas
Eastern Flames V Arsenal Red
Jnr Gunners 0 – 7 U16 Bahrain


Thursday 14th Feb
Venus V RCSI

Week 6

Monday 18th Feb
Venus 4 – 3 Arsenal Red
RCSI 0 – 7 Eastern Flames
Arsenal Yellow 2 – 2 Joga TFA


Thursday 21st Feb
Jnr Gunners V RCSI

Week 7

Monday 25th Feb
Jnr Gunners 4 – 4 Arsenal Yellow
RCSI 0 – 8 U16 Bahrain
Joga TFA 2 – 3 Venus


Thursday 28th Feb
Desert Divas V RCSI

Week 8

Monday 4th March
RCSI V Arsenal Red
Eastern Flames V Joga TFA
U16 Bahrain V Desert Divas


Thursday 7th March
Arsenal Red 0 – 2 U16 Bahrain

Week 9

Monday 11th March
Jnr Gunners V Venus
Eastern Flames V Desert Divas


Thursday 14th March
Arsenal Yellow V RCSI


Last 2 weeks of the season will be for the Cup competition

The Bahrain Ladies League Season 5 has come to an end .At the end of tonight the awards were as follows;

League Champions- Eastern Flames
League Runners up- Arsenal Red
Cup Winners- Eastern Flames
Cup Runners Up- Arsenal Red
Plate Winner- Arsenal Yellow
Plate Runners Up-Joga TFA
Bowl Winners- Desert Divas
League Fair Play award- Arsenal Red and Junior Gunners
Player of the Season- Leah Montenegro- Eastern Flames

Congratulations to everyone taking part this season 

Looking forward to Season 6 starting 15th April 2013.

Source: Ladies football in Bahrain

Photos: Ladies football in Bahrain

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Several French opportunities those last minutes (Nécib, Bussaglia, Delie) but Norway’s GK saved everything (0-0, 24′).

  2. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    This is great, thank you for sharing!

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