Arsenal Ladies at the mobcast Cup

Arsenal Ladies are going back to Japan to compete at the 2014 International Women’s Club Championship in December.

The 2014 edition of the tournament will be its third year and will see Arsenal Ladies test themselves against top women’s football club sides from different continents.

Other teams confirmed for the International Women’s Club Championship 2014 are South American champions Sao Jose Esporte Clube and Melbourne Victory of Australia. The Asian Women’s Club Championship winners will compete at the tournament as well as representatives from Japan’s Nadeshiko League.

Arsenal Ladies previously competed in Japan as part of their charity tour in 2011.

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  1. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    I’m a bit puzzled as I never heard of “2014 Asia Women’s Club Championship.” When and where it is held? Which club compete?

    • Author
      WSU 8 years ago

      This was how it was reported on the official Arsenal page, I assumed they had some source for this? I assumed they meant the Nadeshiko League Cup, I believe this hasn’t been played this season but they could be taking the current holders?

      I have removed the sentence above to avoid confusion until we can get something official from the organisers in Japan.

      • Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

        OK, Nadeshiko League has just made announcement which does mention a winner of “AWCC” which I suppose stands for “Asian Women’s Club Championship.” They also say the detail of this tournament (AWCC) will be publicized later but its winner will be decided on November 27.

        They also announced the timetable of IWCC 2014.

        [Match 1] (Nov. 30, 11:05am) Winner of Nadeshiko League or, in case it is Yunogo Belle who already won the first stage, the runner-up vs. the winner of AWCC 2014.
        [Match 2] (Nov. 30, 2:10pm) Yunogo Belle vs. Melbourne
        [Match 3] (Dec. 3, 4:05pm) Winner of Match 1 vs. San Jose
        [Match 4] (Dec. 3, 7:05pm) Winner of Match 2 vs. Arsenal
        [Match 5] (Dec. 6, 11:35am) Loser of Match 3 vs. Loser of Match 4
        [Match 6] (Dec. 6, 3:10pm) Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 4

        All in Japan local time which is 9 hours ahead of GMT.

        They also announced the venues (of which none is close to my home town . . . .)

        • Author
          WSU 8 years ago

          Thank you for finding the additional information, much appreciated.

          I will create a dedicated page for the fixtures using your information.

          Such a shame the venues are not close to your home town :/

        • Author
          WSU 8 years ago

          Has the ‘mobcast Cup’ title been dropped from this competition now? Is it just referred to as the International Women’s Club Championship?

          • Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

            Good question. I don’t see the name of “Mobcast” anywhere in the website for this tournament. Most likely, this company is no longer a sponsor.

          • Author
            WSU 8 years ago

            Thanks Ken 🙂

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