Northern Football vs. Auckland Football 2-0


Auckland had its first chance for the league title since 2009, appearing with Erin Nayler the goalkeeper for the Young Football Ferns in goal. Northern Football also presented an amazing line-up packed with Young Football Ferns including the two goal scorers Tayla O’Brien and Georgia Brown.

Game time:

Sunday afternoon, the players of Northern and Auckland Football are getting ready for this year’s final of the ASB Women’s League in New Zealand. Kick off at 1 pm.

In the first 45 minutes both teams made a good “warm-up” impression. There were no goals, but a few attempts for Northern Football rather than for Auckland. Both sides were trying to build up their game but didn’t succeed to find their shots in the back of the net. After the first half it just felt like there was nothing really going on in this game…

The half time break seemed to have an important influence on both teams as they were eagerly trying to get some good shots. Northern Football came out stronger in the 2nd half, managing to score with a beautiful header by Tayla O’Brien. That was a huge achievement and relief for Northern, unravelling the game’s run. After that the game finally got a bit of fire and both teams tried to play hard and make this final a more interesting game for the people watching.

I was standing behind the Northern Football goalkeeper, so I didn’t really have much to say about the attacking skills of Auckland Football..because they were hardly anywhere near the goal. As soon as Northern Football had their 2-0 lead, I had the impression that the game was pretty much a clear win to Northern even with 15 minutes still left on the clock.

Oh, and the referee made some doubtful decisions too..that was pretty lame. Plus: only one yellow card (Rebecca Tegg), I guess it was because of an unfair foul..didn’t see it so well.

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(Content is my personal impression of the game, I bet some people have other views about it. I must honestly say, that I wasn’t able to get my mind into the game much because I didn’t have a stadium seat..that was the fact when I wrote about the Austrian Cup final a few months ago…)


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