Austria – OFB Frauenliga


FC Wacker Innsbruck 4 – 0 FC St. Veit-Glan

LUV Graz 3 – 1 FC Südburgenland

USG Ardagger /Neustadtl 0 – 5 FC Bergheim

USC Landhaus 2 – 5 SV Neulengbach

ASV Spratzern 4 – 1 Union Kleinmünchen 

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Pics (FFF’s site, not mine) from the last training session at the Stade du Ray. As you can see, the weather was splendid ! But today (match day), it’s rainy, windy and old…

    From left to right : Gaetane Thiney, Camille Catala, Anaïg Butel, Camille Abily, Wendie Renard (hidden), Louisa Necib, Marie-Laure Delie, Jessica Houara, Elodie Thomis, Sabrina Delannoy, Bruno Bini, Eugénie Le Sommer…
    Exceptionally, Delie and Thomis are not side by side !
    Gromit can be spotted between Necib and Houara (sort of…) with a lookalike pink shirt (not pink, actually).

    Eugénie Le Sommer and Céline Deville have good fun !

    Jessica Houara

    Signature session in a city commercial center, here for some Juvisyennes Bleues : Julie Soyer, Sandrine Soubeyrand and Anaïg Butel.

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