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I have been asked (very kindly) by Women’s Soccer United to start writing blogs about my training, playing and general life really. I really hope they don’t bore you but instead give you a little insight into my amazing life playing for Arsenal and fingers crossed if selected for England as well. :).


At the moment we are in pre season, which basically means lots of training and minutes on the ball. We get sent a training program to follow through England and we are currently in our third week. To be honest I have no idea how I got through the first two weeks of the program… WOW. It was pretty tough going but it’s a great feeling afterwards and you know you have worked hard and it’s over! Haha!


It was great getting back to training with Arsenal, seeing all the girls and playing football again after having a break over December. I went on holiday with my boyfriend, and it was lovely to be able to lie back on a sun lounger, jump in the pool / sea. Basically try and get some sort of tan was my overall aim of the holiday. (I really sweated it out at times, it was worth it though). Then it was back home to spend Christmas with my family. You cannot beat Christmas at home, I literally wait all year to have Christmas dinner made by my dad, and it was amazing. :D! Anyway sorry for rambling, back to Arsenal, we train at the men’s training ground in an indoor dome on a 3g pitch, during winter. It’s so cold in there (think igloo) that I’m sure it’s warmer outside, i end up wearing four layers, hat and gloves and its indoors. (I’m really cool by the way. NOT!) Quite a lot of the girls have made their own versions of a “snood” by cutting the tops of their hats. Pretty inventive, but I’m old school and rock a very fetching hat. Lol! In truth it’s such a fantastic place to train, everyone at the club are amazing, only the other day Steph Houghton and I were saying how much we love playing for Arsenal and wouldn’t change it for the world (Ahhhhhhh).


Since we have been back training we have been going into local primary schools, trying to promote our soccer schools and football sessions that Arsenal Ladies put on for the girls. As well as telling the children about our games and trying to get them excited to come watch and hopefully take part in sport (it doesn’t have to be football, we want to promote healthy and fit lifestyles, but playing football would be nice to see). Lol. Faye White is the master of assemblies and Kim Little and I have been going along and do Q&As. Faye literally talks for England, so when Kim and myself went to do one by ourselves we had finished talking after about 5 mins. Oops. The assembly is meant to last about 10-15 mins, we managed to pad it out with questions. Need more practice for sure. Must improve!


We have got a couple more weeks of our training program left before we head off to the Cyprus Cup with England. It was the first time i had been to the Cyprus Cup last year and it was a fantastic trip, I really enjoyed it and thought that it was a great preparation in terms of training and playing games in quick succession. The hotel was right on the beach, so we could walk out into the sea and do our ice baths in there which was a lot nicer. :)! I’m really looking forward to going away with the England, seeing the girls, but most importantly I love training every day. You are constantly challenged, day in day out and the players within the squad are amazing, so you are always trying to train and be at your very best at every session.


I better stop writing now, as I’m sure I’m starting to bore you all! But i will update you all whilst away in Cyprus and try and give you an insight into our camp, (some pictures are a must).


Take care and much love




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  1. Liz Bathory 7 years ago

    Congrats Abby!

  2. Mariana 8 years ago

    awesome insight!

    too bad england isn’t coming to algarve cup :p

  3. Deborah Bakker 8 years ago

    😀 cool

  4. Sopheena Liti Nyowep 8 years ago

    Hello Ellen, thank you for the wonderful sharing 🙂

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