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Back to the Bundesliga

Hello, I’m Betsy and I am originally from New Zealand. I am not sure where I would call home now… but I know I love playing football and this has been my life since I was 4-years old.

It is my job, my passion, and my number one priority from when I wake up till I go to sleep at night. Football has helped me see the world, experience different cultures, make incredible friends, and most importantly has inspired me to keep on living my dreams. It has acted as my vehicle to express myself fully and create who I am and my purpose in life.

I enjoy a few other things, like yoga, surfing, being in nature.. things that take me to those limits and things that enhance my soul and state of being. I believe it is these things now that will ultimately improve my game.

I have recently signed for Werder Bremen. I have been here for just 12 days and it has felt really good. I have a place to live, with heating! I have a bike to get myself to and from training. I have very nice team mates, including a personal translator (Mona Lohmann), and a welcoming, down to earth coach. There is a German bakery on the corner and I have bought some plants to be my friends in the meantime, until I learn German. I am very pleased with my decision to move to Werder Bremen and have more then I need to be able to work on my goals for this year.

I am grateful for this opportunity to play in what I think is the best women’s league in the world. Here at Werder, I hope to further develop my footballing skills to become the best player I can be in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympics later this year. I hope to create some sort of settled lifestyle and centred space here for myself to deepen my understanding for what defines me. It will take a little time to adjust to the different daily routines, weather, people, language, food, and lifestyle here. But nevertheless, it has started well and I am excited for the challenge and journey ahead.

This weekend the season commences with a home game against Wolfsburg and I am very much looking forward to kicking off to a good start with my new team mates here in Bremen.

Tschüss for now.

  1. Gina West 6 years ago

    Really enjoyed reading your blog Betsy. I am looking forward to following your journey back in the Bundesliga.

    I can only imagine the wonderful experiences you have had travelling and meeting people during your career! It is very inspiring to read what players can look forward to should they have the determination to succeed at the highest level!

    Good luck against Wolfsburg, very tough opponents and I look forward to hearing how you progress with the German language!

  2. Asa 6 years ago

    Great blog, Thank you Betsy

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