Nottingham Forest 1 – 0 Leicester City WFC Semi-Final FA Premier League Cup

Goals: Cath Lawson 72’ (Nottingham Forest)


Barnet 2 – 1 Portsmouth Semi-Final FA Premier League Cup

Goals: Stacey Sowden 3’ (Barnet), Jess Trimnell 20’(Barnet), Kirsty McGee 85’ (Portsmouth)

Barnet will play Nottingham Forest in the FA Premier League Cup final

  1. gromit 10 years ago

    @Lars : don’t forget, old Viking, that Les Bleues cut England in pieces at last Cyprus Cup (3-0) with a heavy domination…

    If danger comes from our English ladies friends, that would mainly be because they will play at home. I don’t think England improved since last year WC, France yes.

    Against Usa, that will be another song. But the match is at first stage. And the two can only meet, after that, in Finale.

    I fear Sweden, unlike you (what a patriot you are ! 😉 and of course Japan.

    Brazil is impossible to be forecasted. All or nothing.

  2. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Good luck to both teams 🙂

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