Because of the coarseness of the opponent … on 35-minute game, Ivan Saenko led the team off the field!

Saenko only once led away from the field team … in 1994 … in Krasnoyarsk, a 55-minute game when the score was 0-2 …
Energy of Russia ?? Turesо Sweden

  1. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    I hope they manage to break the record. Is that game being broadcast as well?

  2. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Thank you for the information @Vlad

  3. Author
    VLAD DENA 9 years ago

    Championship of Russia -2011/2012……. approvedtournament calendar!

    In April! We begin in Voronezh and Perm!
    April 9
    Energy – Sports School
    Zvezda-2005 – RyazanVDV
    April 14
    Russian – Sharp
    April 26
    Sharp  Rossiyanka
    Sports School  Mordovochka
    Kubanochka – Energy
    Ryazan-VDV – Star-2005
    Matches 2011 Star-2005 – Sharp and Energy  Russian woman will be June 25

  4. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Right I see what you mean, it is not worth risking injury

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