Before the first BeNe Supercup this evening both national football association, KNVB and KBVB, had a meeting about a new structure for women’s football in Belgium and The Netherlands. And with success.

Both associations agreed on a new structure that will bring both leagues together. Later this year they will plan things to see if they can make this happen in the next season, 2012/2013. They want to do this to improve the level of women’s football in both countries on national level but also on international level.

They talked about several structure but for now it will look like this;

First half of the season are separated. There will be 8 clubs from Belgium and 8 clubs from The Netherlands. Those teams will play in their own country 14 games(7 home games and 7 away games). After this the 2 leagues will come together. The 4 best teams in both leagues come together in the second half of the season also known as group A. And this is also for numbers 5-8, group B.

So the teams in group A will compete for the championship. All teams will play a total of 28 games.

On international level, and with that I mean Champions league, the best Belgian team and best Dutch team in the standings are qualified for the CL.


Teams are excited for this to happen. And I see no problem with a league like this. Only thing is that in the second half of the season fans might have to travel a bit longer to see their favourite team.

  1. John Ternai 9 years ago

    To observe is Nilla Fischer will play central defender this match. I put a big question mark on it. Fischer‘ve since Charlotte Rohlin received a cruciate ligament injury played a lot of central defender in Linköping, which also plays Charlotte Rohlin. May well find that it looked like that out. My field does not look so stable out with Seger and Dahlqvist as central midfielder. They have not been performed for a long time. Would like to move up Kosovare Asllani as a forward and moved down Sofia Jacobsson winger.
    Pia Sundhage talks about new Composed back line. Oh, I saw, three out of four in the defence has played there quite a lot. The only difference is Fischer. Probably she had not been included in the starting line if she did not played central defender.I hope she makes a lot of changes in half so that a proper assessment can be made.

  2. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Thanks Debs look forward to reading it 🙂 I’ll set up a dedicated group.

  3. Author
    Deborah Bakker 9 years ago

    So I’m bringing this back to life because this is really going to happen! Expect a new blog this week with all the information!!

  4. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Yeah I understand what you mean, I guess that by supporting each other it will improve performances and will hopefully develop the game further in both countries.


    If it is successful it may be a formula that will work for other countries to. It will be interesting to see how it works :):)

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