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Best Female Football Players of All Time

Growing Interest

For a long time women’s football has had to take a back seat to the male dominated league. But there has been a shift as there is a lot more growing interest and respect for the women’s league. This is something that did not happen overnight. Unfortunately female football players have had to earn their respect in the league, where it is mostly assumed for many male players.

The years have gone by however, and many legendary female football warriors have shown us that gender is a small matter when it comes to achieving athletic greatness. Legends have come and gone to show us just how fierce female football competitors can be.

Overcoming Adversity

It has been a long and hard road for female football players. They have had to fight and scrape for the respect and attention that they deserve. Even today in such a progressive climate, there are still lots of issues facing female soccer players. One of the biggest problems is something that has been plaguing women for centuries, unequal pay.

A recently conducted survey showed that a whopping 60% of female football players make $600 less a month on average than male players. A lot of the time this means that female players have to get side jobs in order to support themselves while they play. Imagine how poorly the male league would perform if they had the same kind of restrictions. Equal pay is only one issue, but solving that would be a strong step in the right direction towards equality.

Limelight Legends

In case you were questioning just how talented female football players are, here is a list of the top rated female football players to ever play the game:

Marta – It should be no surprise that this football phenomenon comes out of Brazil. She is quickly making a name for herself as one of the best players to grace the league. She has the kind of speed and agility that leaves other players in the dust.

Mia Hamm – While she retired in 2004, Hamm was easily one of the best to play the game. When she retired she had a world record of 158 international goals. Hamm was a double threat on the field, with excellent awareness and agility for defense, and strong striking skills and killer instinct for offense. Even today Hamm is still celebrated for her tenacity, skill, and perseverance. She truly changed the game of female football forever.

Michelle Akers – Known for being the standard role model for not just one, but two positions on the field, Akers is nothing short of a legend. Her striker skills were unrivaled. At almost 6 foot tall, Akers had a long stride that could easily outpace defenders for breakaway plays that would always excite the crowd. Before she had to retire due to illness, Akers was scoring about once a game on average.

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