QUESTION: Is Homare Sawa’s equalizing goal in the 2011 World Cup the best goal ever in the history of women’s soccer?

One of the most memorable moments of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 in Germany was Homare Sawa’s equalizing goal for Japan against USA.

The crucial goal was scored during the Final of the biggest global tournament in the women’s football calender. Homare talks us through her goal in the video below:

Do you agree or disagree: Homare Sawa’s equalizing goal in the 2011 World Cup was the best goal ever in the history of women’s soccer.

  1. Gina West 7 years ago

    This is a very interesting debate @skipnewhall
    There are so many factors that could influence what could be regarded as the best goal in women’s soccer history – the quality of the goal, the importance/impact the goal made, the opponents… etc, etc.
    Personally, I think this ticks many of the boxes, the technique was stunning, with bit of luck on a slight deflection towards goal and the impact it had on the game.
    Whether it is the best goal of all time or not would have take to some serious analysis against some other contenders, I saw on the WSU Facebook comments to this question some good arguments as to what could beat it.

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      Skip Newhall 7 years ago

      Gina —

      Thank you for your attention to my question. I see that several members said that other goals were more important, notably Carli Lloyd’s long goal in this year’s Cup, etc. [In truth it was not that important: just a long kick to a poorly defended net. And it had no significant effect on the outcome of the game.] But your criterion of having an impact on the game says it all: That one kick by Homare changed the rest of the game AND decided the ultimate Cup winner. It will be many years before the world sees another play with this large an impact.

      One more comment: I have always felt that Aya Miyama has not been given her due credit in being part of the goal. Her corner kick was unbelievable: she got the ball to exactly the right height; and she put an angular spin on the ball giving it the perfect curving, downward arc and allowing Homare to score the goal WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT THE BALL! Even Abby Wambach asked Homare in an interview how she was able to score the goal with her eyes closed!

      • Gina West 7 years ago

        Yes, I noticed Carli Lloyd’s goal was a very popular choice and I agree with you that although the technique of Carli’s goal was spectacular, it wasn’t necessarily a game changer in terms of outcome, therefore I would put Homare’s above for that reason, plus it was a great goal!

        Miyama is such a talent, especially on corners/free-kicks. You’re right she should get more credit on her delivery, I never took detailed notice of that before you mentioned it, and of course it is a crucial part of setting up the goal!

        I wonder if Miyama will pick up the World Player of the Year award at FIFA Ballon D’or , she just won the AFC award.

  2. WSU 7 years ago

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