Until Sunday 11 September 22:00 you can bid on a date with one of the girls in Røa Dynamite Girls. Norway’s sweetest girls soccer will take you on a nice dinner date at an exclusive and pleasant restaurant in Oslo.

The entire auction will take place on QXL.no, and minimum bids start at 500 – per. date.



Players you can offer to go on a date with is:

Janne Strange


Kirvil Schau Odden


Andrea Shields Frøshaug


Siri Nordby


Lene Mykjåland


Marthe Braavold Johansen


Katrine Dreier Andresen


Gunhild Kvaalen Herregaarden


Emile Haavi


Celine Kommandantvold Pettersen


All proceeds from the auction will go to ensure the continued operation of Røa Dynamite Girls.

Roa Dynamite Girls want to give a big thank you to QXL, Brasserie Blanche, Nobilis and Feinschmecker all of which have made a great effort to contribute to the auction.





Source: dynamitegirls.no

Photos: dynamitegirls.no



  1. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Thanks @John and Gromit … Although I’m not sure I will stay awake 😛

  2. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    What do you think of this fundraising idea?

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