Recall that from August 1, entered into force on a standard contract approved and recommended by the Russian Football Union (RFU) for the professional leagues, all without exception … .. ” so that the probability can feel safe, but she sent a request for insurance in the UEFA Cup.
Note that the “Energy” has terminated the contract unilaterally and now must pay the full amount of Spaniard before the expiration of the contract (May 2012), rather than three months in advance, as it was before by the Labor Code. Thus, if the club fails Voronezh Bokete to pay the full amount … .. about 25 000 euros, then he faces severe sanctions …. Until the transfer in the first league and the ban on registration of new football players … .. for the moment the team are only a few players from the main
Tentatively opening match energy to hold on April 18 in the framework of 1 / 4 finals of the Cup of Russia in Voronezh against Kubanochka.

P.S. Direct speech … .. … Ivan Saenko. Voronezh head coach of “Energy” … … It makes no sense to keep such an expensive player in the team. Especially in spring, it would still be left for the USA, and we have in this period, the main game …. And from the Spanish soccer players I expected more … … .. But most importantly … .. We play in the league with Russian … .. responsible matches …. Jakobsson and braziliyanki trained with the team outside Moscow … especially not go to the games of their teams … I asked Bokete miss a national collection in the interests of the Voronezh club … where there … And if I’m no longer invited … I gave the word coach, etc … .. in the end we got her tired … with a little injury … … There is no such approach is not needed! … … … … … … .. In March of energy will likely play in the traditional tournament of Champions (Turkey), where the top teams will take part in Germany, Braziilii, USA, Sweden, Norway and Denmark ….

  1. Hiroshi Tabata 8 years ago

    Olympics medal ceremony – how Nadeshiko Japan conducted themselves. They showed their true greatness – win with modesty, accept defeat gracefully. Despite there were questionable decisions in the final (or lack of decisions), they just got on with it and no complaints from any players on the incidents after the match.

    When you see the negative aspects of men’s game started creeping into women’s game as the game is getting bigger and bigger, they reminded me why I started watching women’s game.

  2. Mellisa Shirley 9 years ago

    hhmmm and where is she now?


  3. Asa 9 years ago

    Thank you for this news.

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