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My thoughts about Brazil’s friendly matches and FIFA 2016.

The friendly match in Seattle:

In what seemed was going to be a Brazilian victory over the United States to finally end their invincibility, since the American team was unbeaten in home games since 2004, ended up not happening! The Brazilian defence has a history of taking a nap in the last minutes of matches, which allowed Carli Lloyd to tie the match in the 85th minute. The Brazilian goal was scored by Monica who headed in from a corner-kick early in the game.

It is worth remembering that the former player Sissi was the ‘guest’ assistant coach in this match. In the last friendlies, the Brazilian coaching staff has invited former players to participate as ‘guest’ assistants. I believe this was the answer found by the Brazilian team to the recent pressure of FIFA and society regarding the lack of women in coaching.

It’s a shame there are no women on the coaching staff of Brazilian women’s national team. It is past time to see former athletes participating in the Brazilian coaching staff, not just for a match as a guest, but as a member of the staff. We have a lot of former players that could be contributing to the national team such as, for example, Juliana Cabral, Emily Lima, Alina Pellegrino and Sissi.

Brazil women's national team coaching staff

The friendly match in Orlando:

The second match was a walkover for the World Champions, USA. Whilst Brazil was playing with full power and barely didn’t make any changes in the team in the second half, the US, which was playing in a party (and farewell) mood started with a mixed team and made five substitutions during the game.

The “pass the ball behind the defender” has been a major problem for the Brazilian team. The defence and the Brazilian goalkeeper, Luciana made a faux-pas which resulted in the first American goal. The defenders couldn’t stop the American forward and Luciana rushed out far from her goal wrongly to try to intercept Alex Morgan’s goal.

The positive point about this match was that, Marta and Cristiane, the Brazilian attack duo started to blend well together again. Marta’s shot hit the crossbar on two occasions during the match and Cristiane tied the match scoring a stunning goal after a Marta assist. But, the equaliser did not last long, because the United States responded quickly with Dunn’s goal. The American team finalized the match when Stephanie McCaffrey scored a goal in the stoppage time (Brazilian WNT nap again!). This was her first appearance for the USWNT.

On completion of these friendlies we can say that Brazil needs to change their squad. It is impossible to understand why the Brazilian coaching staff persists in starting Luciana when she is committing slip-ups match after match and Brazil has a goalkeeper such as Andreia on the bench. Is is also not possible to figure out why the coaching staff is calling players which played on the NWSL and were on the bench for most of the season but does not call-up players who are standing out, for example, in the Toppserien (Norway), as Leticia Santos, Luana, Rosana and Debinha (who has already recovered from the injury), or players that are standing out in the Brazilian Championship.

Rio 2016 is coming and modifications need to be made if the team want to win a medal at the Olympic games. It is not possible to aim for a medal if Luciana is the first choice goalkeeper and without players on squad that may come through to win the match. The small number of substitutions made during matches demonstrates the lack of Vadão’s options on the bench. So the coaching staff must look more to the players who are playing abroad and in Brazil and start calling on merit.

FIFA 2016:

Izzy starting line in FIFA 2016
Graphic above: My starting line-up in FIFA 2016, what do you think?

My first and last game console was a Nintendo 64, which actually was not mine, but belonged to my brother and we used to play together. I never imagined getting another game console, but I was really excited about the opportunity to play with female teams in FIFA 2016, so I decided to buy one and the new FIFA 2016 game.

The game console came before the game and stood there for two weeks… I really have no interest in games and was already regretting having spent money on an electronic device that would not have any utility. But my lack of interest changed when the game arrived. Despite not having enjoyed the game cover (How is it possible Marta not be with Messi on the FIFA 2016 cover, instead of Oscar?), I really enjoyed playing with female teams, mainly Brazil, France and Germany and I have got a little addicted in the game. So I recommend everyone to try this and maybe we can play a match online?

Thanks for reading and please leave your comment below.

What do you think of my starting line-up in FIFA 2016 (graphic above)? Share yours with us!

  1. Tamy 6 years ago

    Izzy, concordo com cada virgula do que escreveu, é o que ‘discutimos’ aqui quase todos os dias! Com todas as mudanças citadas, tanto nas convocações como táticas, o nível de qualidade da seleção seria bem melhor. Mas pra começar a mudança tem que começar pelo Vadão, ou tira ele (eu prefiro) ou ele tem que mudar a forma de pensar, ou começar a pensar né rs.
    Gostaria de ver os nomes citados também na comissão, a Sissi eu escutei ela no dibradoras e gostei muito do que ela falou e da visão dela, e a Emily que eu gosto muito, como ja disse acho que faria um bom trabalho.
    E sobre a Luciana nem sei mais o que comentar, acabei pegando raiva.
    Espero que eles estejam lendo mesmo o que vc escreve, sua visão e opinião são ótimas e é a de muitos, se não a de todos nós.
    Parabéns, e vamos esperar os próximos jogos pra saber se eles estão de olho nos seus textos rsrs porque será um meio de expressar criticas construtivas e saber que estão sendo levadas em consideração.

    • Author
      Izzy 6 years ago

      Oi Tamy, muito obrigada pelo comentário! Espero que as modificações sejam feitas na seleção e que eles dêem oportunidade a outras jogadoras como Debinha, Rosana, Thaisinha, Gabi Nunes, Leticia Santos, Djenifer, Luana e muitas outras. Também gostaria muito de ver a Emily na seleção. Admiro muito o trabalho dela e acho que o São José será campeão na Libertadores sendo comandado por ela. Apesar de todas as adversidades. Grande abraço.

  2. Asa 6 years ago

    Thank you Izzy

  3. Gina West 6 years ago

    Really enjoyed reading your latest blog Izzy, thank you.

    Why, oh why do Brazil always go to sleep minutes before the full-time whistle has blown? It is so frustrating.

    It’s interesting to read about the introduction of guest assistants in the Brazilian coaching staff, I think they read one of your previous blogs –
    Hopefully, as you said, this could be become more of a permanent feature to the set-up.

    I am glad the wait for the FIFA 16 game was so worth it. As soon as I am able to, I will share my starting line-up from the game on to here. – And I will be challenging you to a match.

    As for your starting line-up, I think it looks great.

    We need to start a new campaign, #IzzyForBrazilWNTHeadCoach 😛

    • Author
      Izzy 6 years ago

      Hahahaha I truly believe they are reading my posts… In the last one I talked about the lack of chemistry between Marta and Cristiane in the attack and it seems that they fixed their positions.
      I can’t wait to beat you and England in FIFA 2016!!!! 😛 See you soon Gi!!! Thanks for your comment!!!

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