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In addition to hosting the World Cup 2014, Brazil will be the candidate to host the Women’s World Cup in 2019, announced on Tuesday (17), the Brazilian Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo, at a news conference.

The minister said that already had a first contact with FIFA president Joseph Blatter to express the interest of the country to host an edition of the Women’s World Cup.

Rebelo also admitted that if there is a strong dispute to seat the competition or consensus  to give a concession to a particular country, Brazil will compete for the next edition, 2023.


  1. Asa 8 years ago

    @Izzy Thank you 

  2. A-Hamm 8 years ago

    Great news for the game to have so many different countries interested (remember for 2015 it was just Zimbabwe going against Canada, except they knew they weren’t ready to beat Canada so they dropped out & FIFA didn’t even have to vote) and now maybe South America will invest more in their women’s teams.

    I think they’ll continue to play it safe though and go someplace that has had big turnouts for the women’s game before like Japan/France/England. Also have to keep an eye on if there are 2014 protests like with the confederations cup. If Women’s matches at Rio 2016 olympics get solid attendance then they have a shot to host in 2023. 

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