Cristiane, Rosana and Fran announce early retirement following Brazil WNT controversial coaching staff change.

Cristiane, Rosana and Fran announce early retirement following Brazil WNT controversial coaching staff change.

The last few days have been a nightmare for Brazilian women’s football. The Brazilian coach Emily Lima was dismissed after only 10 months in charge of Brazil women’s national team and without playing any official tournament, after bad results in friendly matches against countries better ranked.

In addition, some players decided to advance their retirement from the senior national team, for not agreeing with the change of coaching staff.

Emily claims that the dismissal did not happen due to poor results in recent matches, as claimed, but due to the lack of support from the coordinator of women’s football, Marco Aurelio Cunha, who is a friend of former coach Vadão, according to Emily Lima. FULL INTERVIEW HERE IN PORTUGUESE.

As reported by former player and commentator Juliana Cabral on the espnW website, before the dismissal of coach Emily Lima, which happened last Friday (22), the players delivered a letter, on September 19, in the hands of the the coordinator of women’s football, requesting the permanence of all the coaching staff for this Olympic cycle.

In the letter, the players mentioned the poor results, but remembered that it was a new coaching staff and a resumption of a concept that would take time to create results.

However, the athletes were ignored and curiously, the coach Vadão was chosen to replace Emily Lima, the first woman to command the Brazil senior women’s national team. The departure of Emily and the return of the coach Vadão who was fired in November of 2016 (after poor results in the 2015 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics) created a big repercussion in social medias.

In a recent interview, Vadão clarified that he was in negotiation with Ponte Preta (Serie A men’s football club) after being recently fired from the Guarani (Serie B men’s football club). But, on receiving the proposal to return to the women’s national team, according to him on Wednesday, September 20, he chose to accept CBF’s invitation.

Amid the controversial coaching exchange, forward Cristiane, one of the symbols of Brazilian women’s football alongside Marta, has announced her early retirement in the Brazilian national team. In a series of videos published on her profile on Instagram, Cristiane was deeply disappointed at CBF’s choice to fire Emily:


Muita coisa pra falar. Mas não tenho mais forças. #selecaobrasileira #futebolfeminino #brasil #orgulho #gratidao

Uma publicação compartilhada por @crisrozeira em

“Today my cycle ends in the Brazilian national team. I am very sad to know that I will not play my last Pan American, last Copa América, last Olympics, last World Cup. It was my dream, what I always wanted, what I always dreamed putting a gold medal, raising a trophy of world champion and help the sport in some way. Hopefully, with this video, maybe I will help. If I could not help so much in 17 years as an athlete, I hope to help as a former athlete ” said the player.

“I did not say anything because I already had my decision taken and formed. I talked to my family, I talked to my friends. I heard several requests for me to think, including the athletes. But I see no other alternative due all the events and things that I do not have the strength to endure. I held it for 17 years, but I do not have it”,  she added.

“It was very difficult for me when this coaching staff was fired. Last year, I had been upset at the Olympics because of my injury, I had lost all desire to come back, and this staff showed me different things, Emily asked me, and I returned. There came a poured of water out. They simply took off this coaching staff in a very short time, all athletes were enjoying it. Without understanding. All the others that passed had a lot of work time, a big cycle. And that one did not have this time of work. Just because she was a woman?” she asked.

Cristiane cited a series of reasons that made her give up the Brazilian national team. Among them, the daily value received by the athletes, which, according to her, is R $ 250 (near $ 78.5 dollars).

“How many times will there be several requests and no one will listen. Every time was like this, to ask and nobody to listen. I’m tired of asking. I am making this request now, as an ex-athlete, this last request. They are details that would change some things and would help as well. It is very easy to go on the television, hit the chest and say they give all the support we need, but there are things that are wrong. Please improve this daily value of R $ 250 that the girls receive. We have been getting the same value for years. Explain how image rights work, if it exists, because nobody knows. Last year we spent the whole year serving the Brazilian team, we played the Olympics, where the whole world watched, and I received R $ 2,500, R $ 2,700 ($ 785.8 – 848.68 dollars). Other girls, same thing, ” she explained.

After Cristiane announced her retirement from the Brazilian national team on Thursday 28, the midfielder Francielle also claimed she no longer wants to defend the Brazilian national team. In her Instagram account, the player, who is currently defending Avaldsnes, Norway, explained her decision. She also critized CBF and said the reasons she was leaving the national team in an exclusive interview with the website (FULL INTERVIEW IN PORTUGUESE HERE)

“The moment of the national team is not the best. The other national teams, of course, are in front of us for everything that is offered to them. Our moment was of transition, to experience players in the friendlies and tournaments so that next year the group would start to set for the South American (tournament), and that takes time, patience, to a new style of game, but in our country only what matters is the short-term results, ” she said.

“The truth is that CBF does not care about women’s football. It seems that they are only there to not pay a fine to FIFA. Because every time the women’s football takes a step forward, someone comes and brakes, and we take two, three steps back. Like now. We were on the right track with Emily and they did not give a sequence. If it was going to work, I do not know, but it was a great chance, just like it was with Renê (coach Renê Simões) in 2004. CBF does not like people who fight for women’s football. They do not like working people, they like people that they talk to and accept everything quietly. So we are always in the same place. So I think it’s the fault of the directors too, and of us athletes, who never fight for anything, ” she said.

Following Cristiane and Francielle, the veteran midfielder Rosana, on Thursday (28), also announced her departure from the national team via her social network.


Boa tarde pessoal! Foram 18 anos representando a seleção brasileira com muito orgulho e amor! Hoje, assim como a Cristiane e a Franciele, torno público o desejo de não defender mais as cores da selecao brasileira. Diante das circunstâncias e adversidades dos últimos acontecimentos, sinto que as atletas não têm voz, e querer expor um ponto de vista, mexe com a vaidade e ego de muitos. Muito se pede para que as atletas se manifestem e reivindiquem. E sim, acho que deveríamos fazer isso, mesmo depois de uma tentativa fracassada como no pedido de permanência da comissão da Emily. Mas em contrapartida, entendo que muitas meninas ali, junto com os seus familiares têm um sonho. E protestando algo, têm medo que esse sonho seja abortando abruptamente, por não saberem a força que teriam juntas. Sempre me posicionei, por vezes, somente internamente, outras em público. Me posicionava, porque sempre pensava no que eu poderia ganhar e não perder. Sim. Sofri retaliação, e o sonho ficou no modo abstrato. Mas deixei de ser conivente com o “errado”! E é por isso, que estou abdicando mais uma vez de um sonho. Não temos força e nem voz. E isso, um dia cansa! Fica aqui o meu desejo para que pessoas que amam e tratam a modalidade com carinho e respeito, ocupem cargos de expressão dentro do futebol feminino brasileiro, e que as atletas ganhem corpo e voz, na briga incessante pela modalidade. Um grande abraço a todos!!!

Uma publicação compartilhada por Rosana Augusto (@rosanaugusto) em

“Today, as well as Cristiane and Franciele, I make public my desire to not to defend more the colors of the Brazilian team.

Faced with the circumstances and adversities of recent events, I feel that the athletes do not have a voice and, wanting to expose one point of view, it affects the vanity and ego of many.

Much is asked for the athletes to manifest and to claim. And yes, I think we should do that, even after a failed attempt, as in the request for Emily’s commission to remain.

But, on the other hand, I understand that many girls there, along with their families, have a dream. And, protesting something, they are afraid that this dream will be aborted abruptly, because they do not know the strength they would have together.

I have always positioned myself, sometimes only internally, sometimes in public.

I positioned because I always thought about what I could win and not lose.

Yes. I suffered retaliation, and the dream got in abstract mode.

But I stopped being conniving with the “wrong”!

And that is why I am giving up once again a dream.

We have neither strength nor voice. And that, one day you get tired!

Here is my wish that people who love and treat the sport with affection and respect, occupy positions of expression within the Brazilian women’s football, and that the athletes gain body and voice, in the incessant fight for the sport.

A big hug to everyone!!!””

Marta also gave a statement through her social network, but she said she will not retire from the national team.

“Look, people are texting me, asking me about my position on all that’s happening in the national team. People, I’ve been talking for days, articles have already been published, articles has been released three…four days ago, articles has been published today, just go there on the internet and see my position, my opinion on all this. In regards to the girls who declared that they no longer play to the national team, this of course makes us very sad, they are athletes who still have much to offer, Cris, Fran, and Rosana, are girls that I had the pleasure to play with and I am very sad about all this and I hope they will come back.I hope they come back for us, together, fight as we have always have done our whole life, from the inside, being there, in the day by day, asking for improvements, asking for raises, at last, whatever it takes. But I will not stop serving the national team, whenever they give me a call I will be there and always fighting, as I always done.”

After 10 years cheering for the Brazilian national team and following the modality, I never imagined such a sad end for this generation of athletes, who, besides not having achieved an impressive title, leave without being listen and respected. I never imagined that I would see Marta without Cristiane in Brazil.

In my dreams Marta, Formiga, Rosana and Cristiane would retire together after winning a gold medal or a World Cup. As a fan, I followed women’s football a lot and I was one of the fans who were vocal in social networks and also wrote my displeasure by the last results of the national team … Honestly, Emily Lima was never my first option for head coach of Brazil national team, my desire would be that, as in Handball, in which Brazil was world champion after bringing coach Morten Soubak, women’s football also bet on a foreign coach, to bring new ideas and a different mentality for the national team.

However, I believe that the players should be respected. If they want Emily’s coaching staff, let her more time to work and to conclude this Olimpic cycle as Vadão did in the previous one. Someone called me naïve to believe CBF would bring someone “better” to take on the female team. But what is the problem of dreaming high, of wanting the best for the national team? It is what players should be doing, dreams big and fight for it. Now, I believe it’s time for the players to put themselves together and to say that it’s enough.

The Brazilian women’s team has a call scheduled for today, September 29, for a Four Nations tournament in China against China, Mexico and North Korea. I hope that, before this list, we will see other players talking about the situation of the national team.

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