The current coach of the Brazil Women’s National Team has completed six months in charge of the squad. Oswaldo Alvarez, or Vadão, is known by his successful career in men’s football and for revealing players like Kaka and Rivaldo.

Last April, he took the role as head coach of the Brazil WNT, attracted by the challenge to train a female team for the first time in his career and also for the opportunity to dispute a World Cup and an Olympic Games.

In eleven matches (four friendlies and seven matches in the Copa America, in Ecuador) under Vadão’s leadership, the Brazil WNT has achieved five wins, five draws and just one defeat.

After six months of work and eleven matches, it is already possible to see the characteristics of this new Brazilian team, who are more tactically organized, with more ball possession and short passing.

Since the arrival of Vadão, Cristiane seems to have returned to her good form and her goalscoring touch. She had a good tournament in Ecuador, being the top goalscorer, and also created a good partnership with Darlene, who will probably be on the bench with Raquel, when Debinha and Marta return.

The five consecutive times FIFA World Player of the Year, Marta, has not yet played for Brazil with Vadão as the head coach, due to injury and commitments with her club (Rosengård), that didn’t release her to play matches out of FIFA’s dates. Other key players that were also not released by their club (Avaldsnes) were Debinha and Rosana, who also didn’t play in the Copa America.

Other news is the return of the goalkeeper Andreia, that replaced Thais Picarte as the main goalkeeper during the Copa America, and the return of Maurine.

Until now, Vadão has more positives than negative points from his time as Brazil WNT head coach. But six months is not enough time to predict if Brazil is on track. Fortunately, Vadão will have more opportunities before the World Cup to test his playing philosophy and to train the Brazilian girls, since Brazil is going to face France, in November and will dispute a home tournament against Argentina, China and USA, in December. Marta, Debinha and Rosana will probably be present there. Brazil has also been invited to compete in the Algarve Cup, next year, and Vadão already expressed his willingness for Brazil play this tournament.

To sum up, the future looks promising for Vadão and his players. The Brazilian supporters can’t wait to see the results!


  1. Author
    Izzy 7 years ago

    Friendly matches:
    Brazil 0 – 0 France

    Brazil 0 – 0 Netherlands

    Brazil 1 – 1 New Zealand
    goals: Cristiane
    Rosie White

    Brazil 0 – 0 New Zealand

    Copa America:
    Brazil 6 – 0 Bolivia
    Goals: Formiga (2), Andressa, Fabiana, Thaisa, Darlene

    Brazil 4 – 1 Paraguay
    Goals: Cristiane (2), Fabiana, Andressa
    Fleitas (Paraguay)

    Brazil 2 – 0 Chile
    Goals: Maurine, Cristiane

    Brazil 0 – 2 Argentina
    Goals: Cometti, Banini

    Brazil 4 – 0 Ecuador
    Goals: Cristiane (2), Maurine, Raquel

    Brazil 6 – 0 Argentina
    Goals: Cristiane, Andressa, Maurine, Tayla, Tamires, Raquel

    Brazil 0 – 0 Colombia

  2. Author
    Izzy 7 years ago

    Thanks for your comments! I guess I never saw Brazil WNT do as good a preparation like this one before a major tournament. If Brazil plays in Algarve Cup I believe we will be ready to fight for the podium. I am really curious to see how Marta is going to fix in this team. If she will play as a forward or a attacking midfielder.
    I would like to invite people that are reading this post, to do the same and bring to the discussion what are you thinking about the preparation of your Women’s National Team. I would love to know what are you think about the “The USWNT of Jill Ellis” for example.

  3. Diane 7 years ago

    Sounds like this coach is getting some respect and support from CBF. It can only be good for Brazil and not so good for the rest of the world.

  4. Asa 7 years ago

    Thank you Izzy

  5. Gina West 7 years ago

    Thank you for another insightful article Izzy, I really enjoyed reading.
    It is great to hear about some positive improvements from the Brazil WNT camp. I am looking forward to seeing how Vadão will fit Marta into the squad he has been creating. I am pleased that finally Brazil have some great training International matches lined up as they prepare for the World Cup, this will already be an advantage compared to previous editions.

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