On this Friday, the coach Márcio de Oliveira called the players who will defend the title of Valais Women’s Cup, in Switzerland.

There will be four teams participating in this year. The adversary of Brazil in the first match will be the New Zealand. In another key are China and South Africa and the matches will start on September 22.

The two teams who come out with the victory in this first  match will play against each other on the 25th September. The other two teams vying for the third place.

For the training phase before the dispute, the coach Márcio de Oliveira summoned 24 players, and of these, 20 will travel to Switzerland. The training will be in Pinheral training center, August 26 to September 18.



Thaís Picarte – Centro Olímpico

Luciana – Ferroviária

Kaká – São José

                   Thais Picarte


Janaína – São José

Aline Calandrini – Centro Olímpico

Bruna Benites – São José

Gislaine – São José

Andreia Rosa – Centro Olímpico

               Bruna Benites


Daiane – Ferroviária

Poliana- São José

Danielli- São José

Rafinha – XV de Piracicaba



Luana – Centro Olímpico

Thaisa – Ferroviária

Francielle – São José

Maria – Vitória de Santo Antão

Rosana – Avaldsnes

Gabi Zanotti – Centro Olímpico

                Gabi Zanotti


Debinha – Avaldsnes

Fabiana – São José

Marta – Tyreso

Adriane – Ferroviária

                 Debora (Debinha)


Giovânia – São José

Erika – Centro Olímpico


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  1. A-Hamm 10 years ago

    Yeah I thought about that, though Men’s olympic tournament is U-21 (aside from three over 21 players). Should be interesting. I’m just surprised they haven’t started the bidding process, FIFA already has the (controversial) hosts for the 2018 & 2022 men’s World Cups. 

    I assume 2019 will be in Asia, though they could go to Europe again, as only Germany & Sweden have hosted. Wikipedia says Japan, Australia, Poland & South Africa have discussed bids. South Korea would make for a good host in Asia as well if not Japan. I’m sure we’ll see some European countries (besides Poland) bid. France, England, Netherlands, Belgium? If South Africa bids I doubt they’d win. They have all the stadiums from 2010, but Africa needs more time to grow women’s soccer to get the attendances that Germany, China & USA had.

  2. gromit 10 years ago

    Thank you Izzy :o)

  3. Author
    Izzy 10 years ago

    I don’t know @Gromit, u can see news about Centro Olimpico (Cristiane, Calan and Erika team) here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Centro-Ol%C3%ADmpico-Futebol-Feminino/212536695455277

  4. gromit 10 years ago

    Thank you Izzy :o)

    The article says that she was expected back in the league with Centro Olimpico on August 7th after her injury. Do you know if she actually played or if her return has been delayed ?

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