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My thoughts about the Brazilian permanent residency team.

The Brazil’s Soccer Confederation (CBF) decided to have their players in an extensive residency program. The announcement was a big surprise for the global women’s soccer community and this program is expected to be a huge change to Brazil WNT preparation.

The Brazilian coach Vadão brought in 27 players in a permanent residency program for the next 18 months through to the end of Rio 2016 . However, two of the squad players, the five-times FIFA World Player of the Year Marta, who plays for FC Rosengard in Sweden, and the 21 years old Bia, who plays for Hyundai Steel Red Angels in South Korea, will not participate in this permanent program, since they already have a contract with their respective clubs. The players chosen to be part of the permanent residency team will receive at least 9000 BRL (USD 3100) monthly, which is a very good salary for Brazilian standards, but far from the six-figure salary, very common in  men’s soccer.

Last Wednesday, with the official announcement of the permanent residency camp, Boston Breakers of the NWSL lost forward Andressa Alves and midfielder Francielle, while the Houston Dash lost defender Poliana and midfielder Rosana. The absence of these players in NWSL is a heartbreaking news for a lot of women’s soccer fans. Boston Breakers already announced the appointment of Bia and Rafinha, from Ferroviária, to replace Fran and Andressa. The Norwegian club, Avaldsnes, has probably also lost Debinha, since she is on the residency roster.

The permanent WNT is a bold plan of CBF supported by the government, who intend Brazil to reach a position increase in the table of medals during the next Olympic Games, which will be settled in Rio de Janeiro.

In terms of Brazil WNT, I believe that the team has never been so well prepared for a Women’s World Cup and Olympic Games, as they will be now. Vadão is a great coach and has the full support of CBF for this work be a success.

The biggest doubt, is how this permanent NT will impact the Brazilian women’s soccer in general, since the main clubs as Ferroviária, São José, Kindermann and Centro Olimpico lost their key players to the program.
Most of the Brazilian fans have had a negative point of view about this question, nevertheless, I like to see the bright side of things, so I believe the permanent NT will have a positive impact in the formation of new players.

In a recent interview, Vadão talked about his worry about the future of Brazil WNT, since Formiga is intending to retire after the Olympic Games and players such as Marta and Cristiane will have an advanced age. According to Vadão, Brazil has less than 1500 female players registered on CBF while Canadian Soccer Association had about 400,000 female players registered in the last year.

To sum up, I believe the permanent WNT is forcing the main clubs to identify and hire new talents to replace these players lost. Every year we are used to seeing the same faces in the main teams, the only difference used to be the exchange of players among to the top clubs. Now, the main teams will need to look for new talents in small clubs and in youth academies, which gives to these players  a better chance to develop their soccer and also gives to the Brazilian coach, Vadão, new faces to keep an eye on for the future.

The 27 players called up to take part in Brazil WNT’s permanent residency program


Luciana – Ferroviária
Bárbara – Kindermann
Andreia Suntaque – Portuguesa
Letícia Izidoro – São José


Bruna Benites – São José
Tayla – Ferroviária
Mônica – Ferroviária
Érika – Centro Olímpico


Fabiana – Centro Olímpico
Poliana – São José
Tamires – Centro Olímpico
Rafaelle – São Francisco do Conde
Rilany – Ferroviária

Defensive midfielders

Formiga – São José
Thaísa – Ferroviária
Andressinha – Kindermann
Francielle – São José


Maurine – Ferroviária
Raquel – Ferroviária
Rosana – São José
Andressa Alves – São José
Marta – FC Rosengard
Gabi Zanotti – Centro Olímpico


Cristiane – Centro Olímpico
Debinha – São José
Bia – Hyundai Red Angels
Darlene – Centro Olímpico

  1. J.Augusto Barcelos 9 years ago

    Great article ,Izzy!

    I thought it was a good idea have a permanent residency for the brazilian WNT.It follows the example of the USWNT fro. Mia Ham period.Brazils women soccer finally is on the right path.

  2. Asa 9 years ago

    Thank you Izzy, great read

  3. Gina West 9 years ago

    Brilliant article, thank you Izzy.
    I heard a bit about the permanent residency plans but this explains everything a lot clearer for me. I just wonder how much competitive football the team in the camp will get? At least with players competing in leagues, they are likely to get regular, weekly match day experiences.
    I am pleased that so much is being invested into Brazilian women’s football and I really hope that this is successful for the national team and the game in general.

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