& Women’s Soccer United together for women’s football & Women’s Soccer United together for women’s football.

Thanks to the help of our new collaborator Elena Intra, we can finally give life to one of our long-awaited dreams.

In our online newspaper, we have always invested time to import stories and experiences from other countries and cultures, but today, thanks to Elena, we can also bring our news to the best foreign online newspapers.

For a long time, we have been thinking about the idea of building a network of international portals about women’s football that share contents with each other, and now this idea has turned into reality!

The first virtual handshake has been concluded between Walter Pettinati, editor of and Gina West, editor of, they’ve joined forces to mutually share on their websites news, results, interviews and many more contents about women’s football.

This agreement allows us to increase the information about football coming from distant countries and, at the same time, allows the reality of Italian women’s football to be known abroad.
And it’s not over!

We at & hope that many more portals, from other countries, join our effort in order to spread knowledge and awareness about women’s football all over the world.


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