Canada has hit double digits in wins for the third consecutive women’s international season, a first in Canadian Soccer Association history. Canada improved its 2012 record to 10 wins and four losses, with the most recent win a 1:0 victory over Colombia on 9 July in Vevey, Switzerland.

Both Canada and and 9 July opponent Colombia are currently preparing for the London 2012 Women’s Olympic Football Tournament. Both teams are also scheduled to play two preparatory matches this month in the Matchworld Women’s Cup.

Also of note on 9 July, captain Christine Sinclair scored her 15th goal of the season, one off the national record she set in 2007. This marks the third time Sinclair has scored as many as 15 goals in a season (2000, 2007 and 2012).

Canada’s women’s national team will train in Switzerland from 5-18 July. The team then travels to England where, after two days in London, it will be based in Coventry for its first to London 2012 Women’s Olympic Football Tournament matches. Canada plays 25 July against Japan, South Africa on 28 July, and Sweden (in Newcastle) on 31 July


  1. Jean-Paul Abidogoun 9 years ago

    Corinne Franco for OL scores!! 3 – 4

    Cynthia Viana for MSHC scores!!! 4 – 4

  2. gromit 9 years ago

    I totally agree with what you say except on one point : midfield is very important to my eyes. If you dont have good midfielders to make the transit of the ball between the defense and the attack, you can’t do nothing (except if you play in a kick and rush style of course, but even England left it behind).

    There were no big selections without a powerful midfield : Brazil (Didi, Gerson, Pelé himself), Italy (Mazzola and Rivera), Germany (Hoeness, Netzer, Matthaus), Netherlands (Neeskens, Haan and of course Cruijff), France (Kopa, Platini, Zidane), Spain (Iniesta, Xavi). And not only offensive midfielders but also those who can grab the ball and pass it to the creators, people like Deschamps, Petit or Vieira in France 98 or 2000, Busquets or Xabi Alonso in today Spain.

    And I think it’s the same with feminine footbal of course. Japan is brillant because it has (amongst others) Sawa and Miyama in midfield. France is good, maybe mainly thanks to Bussaglia, Abily, Soubeyrand and Necib, Lyon thanks to Henry (no, not Titi but Amandine) and Cruz.

    One thing really important for who wants to win a turnament is, yes, you’re right, to have an excellent GK and a striker. The GK is maybe more important and that is the problem for many feminine teams today. That was obvious at last WC. Small wonder that Usa and Japan wre in Finale : they both have the best two GK…

    I never saw Gre-No-Li in action but I know them, of course. Tell me, dear Lars, with such a collective nickname, I suppose that a brand of biscuits was created in Sweden ! ; )

    Three (at least) great Swedish players played in France : Gunnar Andersson was the top-scorer in French League in the 1950’s for Marseille. Never saw him… Roger Magnusson was another OM’s star, he won the Championship twice (1971-72) associated with Josip Skoblar (top scorer with 44 goals in 71 !). I saw them many times. Magnusson (a right winger) used to dribble in the same way. Always ! He never changed. And he always succeeded. A real mystery or a miracle… The third one was Leif Eriksson, playing for OGCNice. He was pure brains, what a clever player, the playmaster of the team. I admired him very much.

  3. gromit 9 years ago

    Alas Lars… I agree with you about the Swedish defense. I found it very weak against Usa at the last Volvo Cup. But it might be counter-balanced with their powerful attack if Schellin is more realistic in her shoots than against Japan at the same event. Sweden is a very interesting team to watch because it seems like a search of synthesis between the Americano-German style and the Franco-Japanese one. A mix of physical and technical. It’s not perfect yet and I don’t think they can win the Olympics this year. But they will be extremely dangerous next year at home for the Euro, I’m sure…

    I take good note that for you Canada is a wahrolian team : )

  4. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

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